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Nanouk Leopold – Brownian Movement (2010) (HD)

Charlotte is married with one son and is a doctor in a clinic in Brussels. She has sex with patients in an apartment, selecting the men as if setting up a scientific experiment: They are all un­usual, very hirsute, coarse, fat or old. The marriage teeters when her husband Max finds out. Charlotte starts therapy to discov­er what is going on with her, but her confused desires cannot be described in words. In the end, the family moves to India, where Max has a job as an architect. Charlotte gives birth to twins. Read More »

Lodewijk Crijns – Loverboy (2003)


Synopsis: MTV-worshiping seventeen year old Denise, who is one of the only white people from the poor part of a Dutch city, falls in love with the charming young Arab man Michael who promises her a life she can only imagine. But Michael is a so-called “loverboy” who has a secret agenda and manipulates her into prostitution making her believe that’s the only way to continue their expensive lives together. Read More »