• Adriaan Ditvoorst – Flanagan (1975)

    1971-1980Adriaan DitvoorstDramaNetherlands
    Flanagan (1975)
    Flanagan (1975)

    After having spent eight years in jail on account of an armed bank robbery, Paul Flanagan is released. The only thing on Flanagan’s mind is revenge…Read More »

  • Joost Rekveld – #37 (2009)

    2001-2010ExperimentalJoost RekveldNetherlandsShort Film
    #37 (2009)
    #37 (2009)

    (35mm scope, 31 min, 2009)

    “Andronicos says that in a certain place in Spain one finds small, scattered stones which are polygonal and grow spontaneously. Some of them are white, others are like wax and pregnant of smaller stones similar to themselves.
    I kept one to verify this myself and it gave birth at my place, so the story is not a lie.”

    ‘Paradoxographus Palatinus’, anonymous, 3rd century.Read More »

  • Danniel Danniel – Ei AKA Egg (1988)

    1981-1990ArthouseComedyDanniel DannielNetherlands
    Ei AKA Egg (1988)
    Ei AKA Egg (1988)

    Presentation from the San Francisco Film Festival :
    “Johan de Bakker is a first-rate baker, meticulous in his trade and exacting in his recreational pursuits which include balancing eggs, building towers of pebbles by the river and waiting stoically in the town square for the daily bus to arrive. Illiterate and hardly exacting in his social skills, Johan is a 35-year-old child and the enigmatic hero of this charming Dutch comedy. His slightly more worldly friends decide to play Cyrano and their ghostwritten love letters on his behalf provoke a woman’s visit “from foreign climes.” Set in a tiny village in the north of Holland, Egg takes its eccentric characters at face value and Israeli-born writer-director Danniel Danniel’s cheerfully deadpan approach is reminiscent of early Jacques Tati. Skillfully introducing the villagers through their mundane routines, Danniel weaves a whimsical fable based in limited realities where “more than one outcome is possible. With a talented cast, Egg succeeds as an offbeat comedy through understatement and authentic charm.”
    —Richard PenaRead More »

  • Joris Postema – Stop Filming Us (2020)

    2011-2020DocumentaryJoris PostemaNetherlands
    Stop Filming Us (2020)
    Stop Filming Us (2020)

    Based on the struggle of young people in Goma (Northeastern Congo) against the prevailing Western reporting about war and misery, Stop Filming Us investigates how these Western stereotypes are the result of a skewed balance of power. Stop Filming Us creates a cinematic dialogue between Western perceptions and the Congolese experience of reality. While the Congolese perspective becomes increasingly clearer in the film, questions arise about the perspective of the film itself; is a white director able to make a film about the new Congolese image or is it primarily a story created by his own Western perspective?Read More »

  • Bas Devos – Ghost Tropic (2019) (HD)

    2011-2020Bas DevosBelgiumDrama
    Ghost Tropic (2019) (HD)
    Ghost Tropic (2019) (HD)

    After a long day at work, Khadija falls asleep on the last subway train. When she wakes up at the end of the line, she has no choice but to make her way home on foot.Read More »

  • Jim Taihuttu – Hardcore Never Dies (2023) (HD)

    2021-2030DramaJim TaihuttuNetherlands
    Hardcore Never Dies (2023)
    Hardcore Never Dies (2023)

    Michael dreams of future as a pianist but his music education didn’t go well. His brother Danny introduces him to Rotterdam gabber music . Danny’s drug business reaches international proportions and the brothers must fight for their lives.Read More »

  • Paul Verhoeven – Wat zien ik AKA Business Is Business (1971)

    Paul Verhoeven1971-1980ComedyNetherlands
    Wat zien ik (1971)
    Wat zien ik (1971)

    Blonde Greet is an experienced and kindhearted prostitute in the red-light district of Amsterdam. Her friend Nel, another whore, lives on the second floor of her house and is exploited and abused by her pimp. When Greet meets the married Piet, they feel a great attraction to each other. Nel decides to find a husband and quit being a whore. Her life ends up changing; Greet’s doesn’t.Read More »

  • Tom Six – I Love Dries (2008)

    2001-2010ComedyNetherlandsTom Six
    I Love Dries (2008)
    I Love Dries (2008)

    The famous Dutch singer Dries Roelvink is abducted after a gig in a local discotheque. He ends up in a mobile home right in the middle of nowhere amongst two of his biggest “fans”: Freek and Teuntje. They are a friendly but unattractive couple who are missing one major thing in their lonely lives: a child of their own. But regrettably, they both can’t have any children. Meanwhile Freek and Teuntje are trying to let their Idol feel comfortable in their mobile home and gradually it becomes clear to him why he has been taken there.Read More »

  • Daan Bakker – Quality Time (2017)

    2011-2020Daan BakkerDramaExperimentalNetherlands

    Five thirty-something men in as many separate segments struggle to grapple with the relentless absurdity of their respective existences.Read More »

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