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Peter Stein – Sommergäste (1976)

Peter Stein’s production of Gorki´s SOMMERGÄSTE at the Schaubühne in December 1974 became one of the greatest theatre successes in Germany and beyond. “That’s how theatre should always be. That’s how actors should always play,” wrote Le Monde, while in England the Daily Telegraph only had a simple title: “Director of genius”. In 1975 Stein filmed the play in a new adaptation by Botho Strauß. Read More »

Peter Handke – Die Linkshändige Frau AKA The Left-Handed Woman (1978)


S y n o p s i s
A woman living in the Paris suburbs struggles with a loveless marriage and apathy toward her family and friends as she spends her days quietly wandering about her house. Austrian playwright and novelist Peter Handke contributed screenplays to a number of films by director Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire, The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick). Here (in a film that Wenders produced), he provides both the scenario (adapting his novel of the same name) and direction for this meditative examination of domestic ennui. Read More »