Eduard Artemiev

  • Eduard Artemiev – Tarkovsky movies OST (1972-79)

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    Eduard Artemiev – Tarkovsky movies OST (Solaris-The Mirror- Stalker)

    Eduard Artemiev

    In the latter part of the 1950’s, the engineer and mathematician Yevgeniy Murzin had a problem. He had just realized his life long dream of constructing music synthesizer (then called “ANS”) but knew no musician with sufficient imagination to explore its vast potential. In 1960, upon meeting 22-year-old Edward Artemyev, a recent graduate of the Moscow conservatoire, Murzin immediately felt he had found what he was searching for in the young composer, who embraced the new instrument and quickly mastered its many subtleties. Artemyev has since composed numerous works varying from electronic avant-garde to film music. He is probably best known for his collaboration with A. Tarkovskiy composing music for his films: “SOLARIS” in 1972, “THE MIRROR” in 1975 and “STALKER” in 1979; and with such filmmakers as Andrei Mikhalkov-Kontchalovskiy and Nikita Mikhalkov.Read More »

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