Eduardo De Filippo

  • Giorgio Simonelli – Non mi muovo! aka I Do Not Move (1943)

    Plot & Review:
    A former auctioneer, Carlo Mezzetti (Eduardo De Filippo), homeless with his daughter Annuccia (Vanna Vanni), clings to favorable situations and legal technicalities in order to find temporary housing and to illegally occupy vacant houses.
    The two are accompanied by the spouses Squeglia, Pasqualino (Peppino De Filippo), self-styled pharmacist, and his wife Olimpia (Titina De Filippo).
    Through a fraudulent trick, he manages to convince the owner of one of the vacant houses illegally occupied by him, to sign a contract, all for the benefit of Carlo and his companions in misfortune.
    The cheated owner, however, falls in love with Annuccia. Carlo accepts, thus, to give the hand of his daughter to the landlord, preventing further legal action by the latter.Read More »

  • Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia – Non ti pago! (1942)

    Plot & review:
    From a successful 1940 theater comedy by Eduardo De Filippo.
    Ferdinando Quagliuolo has inherited the management of a Lotto agency after the death of his father. He is also an avid player in search of winning numbers, in spite of his great bad luck.
    One of his employees, Mario Bertolini, by contrast, gets winnings on winnings, prompting a fierce envy in his employer.Read More »

  • Vittorio Cottafavi – Traviata ’53 AKA Fille d’amour [French edit] (1953)

    Plot: From the novel by Dumas “La Dames aux Camelias”. In Milan, a prostitute sacrifices herself to prevent the ruin of the young man she loves.Read More »

  • Mario Mattoli – La vita ricomincia AKA Life Begins Anew (1945)

    Recently returned to Rome after a long imprisonment of war, doctor Paolo Marchini learns that his wife Patrizia was arrested for murder.
    Three years before, not having money to treat her seriously ill child, she had consented to an appointment with a wealthy unknown gentleman, whom she had not met again ever since.
    This man had showed up the night before, trying to draw on her again. Quarrel, gunshot…
    Patrizia is acquitted at the trial. For the three, life begins anew.Read More »

  • Esodo Pratelli – A che servono questi quattrini? (1942)

    An elderly Marquis, having squandered all his fortune, begins a life as a vagabond philosopher and collects a small group of disciples to whom he teaches his thesis on the futility of work and of money.
    Citing Socrates, Plato and Diogenes in his own way, according to his philosophy of life, money is useless and it is a sort of disease that afflicts humanity; moreover men should not work but devote themselves to contemplation and rest.Read More »

  • Mario Camerini – Il Cappello a tre punte aka Three Cornered Hat (1934)



    Also known as Three-Cornered Hat, this Italian comedy is based on a Spanish folk tale, which had previously been adapted as a ballet by Manuel de Filla. Director Mario Camerini and his team of screenwriters have refashioned the material as a vehicle for the popular De Filipo brothers, Peppino and Eduardo. The story is a mistaken-identity affair, predicated on the fact that a pompous governor is the exact look-alike of a poor miller. Much of the fun is derived from the efforts to pass off the miller’s homely wife as the governor’s gorgeous spouse. Described by one Mario Camerini devotee as “pretty, noisy and accomplished,” ‘Il Cappell a Tre Punte’ was filmed in 1934, and released in the U.S. two years later.Read More »

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