Edward Dmytryk

  • Edward Dmytryk – Emergency Squad (1940)

    Edward Dmytryk1931-1940ActionCrimeUSA
    Emergency Squad (1940)
    Emergency Squad (1940)

    Fresh out of journalism school, fledgling reporter Betty Bryant badgers city editor Joyce into giving her a job on the paper. Informed that human interest stories pop up several times a day at the emergency squad station, Betty heads in that direction, where she meets rookie Pete Barton, “Chesty” Miller and Pete’s brother Dan, with whom she falls in love. Meanwhile, Slade Wiley, an unscrupulous contractor, has won the bid on a contract to build the underwater Newford Tunnel. Discovering that his low bid is causing him to lose large amounts of money, Wiley conspires with underworld leader Nick Buller to detonate a series of explosions that will panic the stockholders into selling their shares at ridiculously low prices, thus enabling Wiley to gain control of the stock. Reasoning that Betty’s publicity would assist their plans, Wiley and Buller keep in close contact with her and allow her access to the construction site. Read More »

  • Edward Dmytryk – The Juggler (1953)

    1951-1960DramaEdward DmytrykUSAWar

    Plot: Hans Muller is a Jewish refugee from Germany. Relocating to Israel after World War II, he can not overcome the psychological effects of the war. After attacking a policeman, Hans becomes a fugitive, traveling through Israel with a teenage boy.Read More »

  • Edward Dmytryk – Confessions of Boston Blackie (1941)

    1941-1950CrimeDramaEdward DmytrykUSA

    A reformed thief cracks a ring of art thieves to clear himself of murder charges.Read More »

  • Edward Dmytryk – The Sniper (1952)

    USA1951-1960CrimeEdward DmytrykFilm Noir

    Apparently rejected by women all his life, a loner with a high-power rifle starts on a trail of murder. The police are baffled by the apparently random killings until their psychologist comes up with some ideas.Read More »

  • Edward Dmytryk – Mirage (1965)

    1961-1970Edward DmytrykMysteryThrillerUSA

    David Stillwell makes his way down several flights of stairs in the dark after the lights suddenly go out in his office building. He is accompanied by an attractive woman. Thanks to his flashlight, he can see her, but she can’t see him. Still, she assumes she knows him by his voice and talks to him about someone named The Major, as if he should know who that is. The day becomes stranger when he gets outside the building and discovers that someone has apparently committed suicide by jumping out of a window. Read More »

  • Edward Dmytryk – Crossfire (1947)

    1941-1950CrimeEdward DmytrykFilm NoirUSA

    Homicide Capt. Finlay finds evidence that one or more of a group of demobilized soldiers is involved in the death of Joseph Samuels. In flashbacks, we see the night’s events from different viewpoints as Sergeant Keeley investigates on his own, trying to clear his friend Mitchell, to whom circumstantial evidence points. Then the real, ugly motive for the killing begins to dawn on both Finlay and Keeley…Read More »

  • Edward Dmytryk – Broken Lance (1954)

    1951-1960DramaEdward DmytrykUSAWestern

    A patriarchal rancher’s empire is threatened by conflict within his family. On the day of his release from prison, the son of a cattle baron swears vengeance on his three half-brothers responsible for dispossessing him of his inheritance and driving his father to a fatal stroke. The ensuing story unfolds in flashback, tracing the sibling rivalries that led to the man’s imprisonment.Read More »

  • Edward Dmytryk – Where Love Has Gone (1964)

    1961-1970DramaEdward DmytrykRomanceUSA

    Contractor Luke Miller returns to the San Francisco home of his ex-wife, sculptress Valerie Hayden, after learning that their 15-year-old daughter, Dani, has been arrested for the murder of Valerie’s lover. His plane is met by lawyer Gordon Harris, who callously engineered Luke’s divorce and deprived him of the right to visit his daughter. Now, however, Harris asks Luke’s help in providing a favorable family setting for the juvenile court hearing but discourages any hopes of gaining Dani’s custody once the case is resolved. Luke’s return revives memories of his former life with Valerie and her domineering mother, Mrs. Gerald Hayden.Read More »

  • Edward Dmytryk – Warlock (1959)

    1951-1960ClassicsEdward DmytrykQueer Cinema(s)USAWestern

    In the small frontier mining town of Warlock, rancher Abe McQuown’s gang of cowboy cutthroats terrorize the peaceful community, humiliating the town’s legitimate deputy Sheriff and running him out of town. Helpless and in need of protection, the townsfolk hire the renowned town tamer Clay Blaisdell, as unofficial Marshal, to bring law and order to the town. Clay arrives with his good friend and backup Tom Morgan. The two men stand up to the ranch gang and quiet the town. Johnny Gannon, a former member of the ranch gang is bothered by the gang’s actions, reforms and takes on the deputy Sherrif job while his brother remains part of the gang. The addition of the official lawman to the mix further complicate matters, leading to an inevitable clash of the cowboys, the townsfolk, the gunslingers and the law.Read More »

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