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Teuvo Tulio – Rikollinen nainen AKA A Woman of Crime [+Extras] (1952)


Pathological, triggered by the unbridled desire to take the story of jealousy towards the film noirs, the film shades of black crime, when Riitta decide to carve adulterous sister, imagining in their path. Again, Tulio used effectively ellipse: a meeting room floor of the Chamber of flashing clothes play almost frame by frame Riitta viettelysessiota own – except that it is now a narrow perspective to give a distorted picture of the situation. Similarly, recalling the horrors huteralla hanging: a child fell into the water past his own clumsiness, Riitta now use the tools to ensure that the structure to give up and his rival for its own sister ends up in the rapids. Read More »