Emanuel Parvu

  • Bogdan George Apetri – Miracol (2021)

    2021-2030Bogdan George ApetriCrimeDramaRomania

    A young nun sneaks out of her monastery to attend an urgent matter but never makes it back and a police detective’s investigation into her fate, uncovers clues and revelations that lead not only to the truth but a miracle as well.Read More »

  • Dan Chisu – Aniversarea AKA The Anniversary (2017)

    2011-2020Dan ChisuDramaRomania

    A spacious apartment in the centre of Bucharest and a large family gathered together to celebrate the birthday of its frail, 94-year-old patriarch: anything could happen in Dan Chişu’s overcomplicated family drama The Anniversary [+], which is competing in the International Competition of the Warsaw International Film Festival (13-22 October). What emerges from so many bubbly relationships and effervescent reactions is the fact that Romania’s society is still struggling (and is still far from succeeding) to redeem, fight or at least forget its communist past, with death and old age being powerful allies in this endeavour.Read More »

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