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Michel Gondry – The We and the I (2012)

The We and the I (2012)

A look at the lives of a group of teenagers who ride the same bus route, and how their relationships change and evolve on the last day of school. Read More »

Fred Schepisi – Plenty (1985)

Susan Traherne (Meryl Streep) is a young woman who, during World War II, joins the provincial French Resistance as an undercover British agent. The highlight of her time in France is a night of passion with another agent, codenamed Lazar (Sam Neill), who briefly passes through her sector.

As she struggles to adjust to life in Britain after the war and a series of unsatisfying conventional jobs, Susan looks back with growing nostalgia to her wartime experiences. Her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and self-destructive, and even the support of her diplomat husband (Charles Dance) and a close friend (Tracey Ullman) fail to prevent her slow unravelling. Read More »

William A. Graham – 21 Hours at Munich (1976)

21 Hours at Munich (1976)

A dramatization of the incident in 1972 when Arab terrorists broke into the Olympic compound in Munich and murdered eleven Israeli athletes. Read More »

Michael Apted – Firstborn AKA Moving In (1984)

Firstborn (1984)

A teen must protect his family when his mother’s sinister new boyfriend begins exerting his authority in their home. Read More »

John Waters – Female Trouble (1974)

A movie like Female Trouble (1974) could be most easily classified as a comedy, but that is selling it short. “Comedy” doesn’t capture the specific satiric edge, the desperate shout, the exaggerated depravity of this film. It’s a loud, abject, offensive, and joyful declaration of self-determination and identity in the face of a world that has no use for anyone outside the norm. Read More »

Gregg Araki – Mysterious Skin (2004)

Mysterious Skin (2004)
A teenage hustler and a young man obsessed with alien abductions cross paths, together discovering a horrible, liberating truth. Read More »

Anthony Mann – Devil’s Doorway (1950)

Devil’s Doorway (1950)

After the Civil War, a highly decorated Shoshone Indian veteran plans to raise cattle in Wyoming but white farmers plan to grab fertile tribal lands by pitting the whites against the Indians. Read More »