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Eric Pauwels – La Deuxième Nuit AKA The Second Night (2016)

On the death of his mother, a filmmaker makes a film to see how much her disappearance has changed his vision of the world. It is an opportunity for him to look back over his relationship with her: a relationship that made him a free individual, as a man and as a filmmaker. The second night is the final part of a trilogy that began with Letter from a filmmaker to his daughter, which was followed by Dreaming films. The making of this ” Cabin Trilogy” is the fruit of fifteen years of work and reflection. Read More »

Eric Pauwels – Journal de septembre (2019)

“Est-ce une chose douce et tendre, une chose énigmatique, une chose humaine, une chose à nulle autre pareille, une chose fragile ? C’est une chose tissée de mille choses, douces, fragiles, énigmatiques et humaines. Le Journal de septembre est un voyage intérieur qui se déploie jour après jour d’une forme à une autre, glissant peu à peu d’images du quotidien du cinéaste à des séquences plus intimes et plus surréelles.” — Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bruxelles Read More »

Eric Pauwels – Violin Fase (1986)

Violin Fase (1986)

In Violin Fase, Eric Pauwels twirls the camera around the body of dancer and choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. Through this process, Pauwels creates a new relationship between camera and dancer, but also between body and dance, dance and cinema. Consisting of a geometrical and minimalist choreographic structure filmed in four uninterrupted takes, the artist’s camera captures a woman dedicated to exploring the boundaries of physical exhaustion. Read More »

Eric Pauwels – Lettre d’un cinéaste à sa fille (2000)

A girl asks her father: “Daddy, why don’t you make films for children?” The filmic answer is a playful, free and personal film in the form of a letter, a film interwoven with a thousand stories, knit together with different textures, a book of images allowing a filmmaker to elaborate his view on cinema and to show the images and the stories he wants to share. Read More »