Fabrice du Welz

  • Fabrice du Welz – Calvaire AKA The Ordeal (2004)

    2001-2010BelgiumFabrice Du WelzHorror

    You cannot help but think of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre during a shot in The Ordeal where the camera spins across the leering, giggling faces of a twisted inbred family and their blood-covered, shrieking victim, and you really cannot help but think of it when they cut to an extreme close-up of the victim’s eye darting nervously back and forth. We’ve seen this movie before, where an innocent (played here by Laurent Lucas) has his car break down in the middle of nowhere. He is taken in by an eccentric innkeeper (Jackie Berroyer), and for a while The Ordeal is an intriguingly freakish character study of an older man falling in love with a younger man, believing him to be his dead wife. But their insinuating dialogue eventually gives way to a sadistic (and familiar) torture tale. Read More »

  • Fabrice du Welz – Adoration (2019)

    2011-2020BelgiumDramaFabrice Du WelzThriller

    The sixth feature by Belgian director Fabrice du Welz, Adoration, has screened in a world premiere to the passionate Piazza Grande audience of the Locarno Film Festival. The film follows in the footsteps of Paul, a boy who lives with his mother on the edge of a mysterious forest, in a small house by the entrance of a rather strange hospital. One day, he’s snapped out of his lethargy by a young girl who appears unexpectedly before him, as if an epiphany. Yet the ray of light that is Gloria will gradually reveal a far darker side of her life.Read More »

  • Fabrice du Welz – Vinyan (2008)

    2001-2010DramaFabrice Du WelzFranceHorror

    Unable to accept the the loss of their son in the 2005 Tsunami, Jeanne and Paul Bellmer have remained in Phuket. Desperately clinging to the fact that his body was never recovered, Jeanne has convinced herself that the boy was kidnapped by traffickers in the chaos that followed the catastrophe… Paul is sceptical, but cannot bring himself to shatter his wife’s last hope. The traumatized couple embark on a quest that will plunge them through paranoia and betrayal, ever deeper into an alien universe, a supernatural realm where the dead are never truly dead, and where nightmares, obsession and horrifying reality converge.Read More »

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