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Michelangelo Antonioni & Wim Wenders – Al di la delle nuvole AKA Beyond the Clouds (1995)

The many ways in which men are fascinated, compelled, and confused by their attraction to women are explored in this four part drama. As a filmmaker (John Malkovich) tries to sort out his plans for his next film, he considers several stories about women and the men who love them. Silvano (Kim Rossi Stuart) meets Carmen (Ines Sastre) and immediately asks her for a date, but despite his attraction, he can’t follow through on his feelings for her. The director spies a woman on the streets (Sophie Marceau) and follows her obsessively, but when he finally meets her, he’s disappointed, despite their mutual physical attraction. Read More »

Paule Muret – Rien que des mensonges AKA Nothing but lies (1991)

Rien que des mensonges is a French film comedy-drama first released in 1991, directed by Paule Muret. The film stars Fanny Ardant, Jacques Perrin, Alain Bashung and Stanislas Carré de Malberg. It has also been released under the title: Nothing But Lies.

Muriel et Antoine vivent dans le mensonge. Sans se le cacher ni se l’avouer, ils vont chercher avec d’autres la séduction et le désir qu’ils ne savent plus partager. Lorsqu’elle se plonge dans une passion charnelle avec Adrien, elle réalise que chaque baiser échangé avec lui la ramène un peu plus dans les bras de son mari. Elle va alors tout faire pour que ce dernier découvre sa liaison et repose sur elle le regard amoureux de leurs premiers jours. Read More »

Jean-Jacques Andrien – Australia (1989)

Synopsis :
Australia is about Edouard Pierson, a Belgian-born wool dealer who emigrated to Australia after World War Two. The movie actual takes place in Belgium as he returns to his homeland to assist his family with their wool business. Edouard was left a single father after his girlfriend died and when he goes to Belgium he leaves behind this young girl, whom his family don’t know about. He meets a beautiful woman, Jeanne, another single parent, and an intense relationship develops. Edouard’s relationship with his family has its ups and downs and many secrets are revealed before the movie’s conclusion ties everything together. Read More »

Erwan Le Duc – Perdrix AKA The Bare Necessity (2019)

Pierre Perdrix has been enjoying an enchanted though restless existence since the enigmatic Juliette Webb burst into his life. A stranger who landed in his family’s unique world like a meteorite, and who by her presence alone will force this tight-knit microcosm to redefine their boundaries and finally begin to fully live their lives. Read More »

Claude Lelouch – Roman de gare AKA Tracks (2007)

The successful novelist Judith Ralitzer is interrogated in the police station about the disappearance of her ghost-writer. A serial-killer escapes from a prison in Paris. A missing school teacher leaves his wife and children. In the road, the annoying and stressed hairdresser Hughette is left in a gas station by her fiancé Paul while driving to the poor farm of her family in the country. A mysterious man offers a ride to her and she invites him to assume the identity of Paul during 24 hours to not disappoint her mother. Who might be the unknown man and what is real and what is fiction? Read More »

Anne Fontaine – Nathalie… [+Extras] (2003)

A rich woman hires an elite prostitute in order to verify her husband’s faithfulness. Before long the experiment gets out of control. Read More »