Feo Aladag

  • Henner Winckler – Lucy (2006)

    2001-2010DramaGermanyHenner Winckler

    Eighteen-year-old Maggy has a baby, Lucy, eight months old. She has dropped out of school and broken up with Lucy’s father. Maggy still lives with her mother, who often takes care of the baby so that Maggy can occasionally meet with her girlfriends or go out for an evening. At a disco she meets Gordon and soon falls in love with him. He’s not much older than she is, but she is impressed by the fact that he earns his own living and even has his own flat.Read More »

  • Feo Aladag – Die Fremde aka When We Leave (2010)

    2001-2010DramaFeo AladagGermany

    Umay is a young woman of Turkish descent, fighting for an independent and self-determined life in Germany against the resistance of her family. Her struggle initiates a dynamic, which results in a life-threatening situation.Read More »

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