Fernando Amaral

  • Walter Hugo Khouri – O Desejo (1975)

    1971-1980BrazilDramaWalter Hugo Khouri
    O Desejo (1975)
    O Desejo (1975)

    Widowed eleven months ago, Eleonora, a 33-year-old woman from the Sao Paulo state bourgeoisie, lives alone, unsuited to her husband’s absence, an intellectual frustrated and torn between the need for transcendence and a strong sexual compulsion. The couple’s life, although not happy, was intense. However, the presence of Ana Maria, a recent arrival from Paris, a middle-class university student, is staying at her house. The two go to the site of Eleonora and this one remembers its life with Marcelo and the death of this one by drowning. Ana has the same existential preoccupations and existential obsessions of Marcelo, and Eleonora identifies in her an extension of the husband. Feeling attraction and at the same time jealous of Ana, she does nothing to save her when they both swim in the dam and Ana suffers a fit of cramp.Read More »

  • Santiago Ventura – Ojos grises AKA Grey Eyes (2021)

    2021-2030Santiago VenturaSci-FiUruguay

    Official description wrote:
    In a post-apocalyptic future, mankind is color blind. A brilliant scientist suddenly dies, leaving his precious briefcase-filled with a highly-addictive synthetic drug that allows people to see colors again-to Ana, a mere 12-year-old girl. Possession of the briefcase makes her the target of a doctor with wicked plans for the drug, and her only hope to escape his pursuit relies on the aid of the dead scientist’s two devoted bodyguards. Together, their epic, perilous journey pivots on a tremendous secret: Ana herself could be the key to salvaging a world in ruins.Read More »

  • Rodrigo Plá – La demora AKA The Delay (2012)

    Drama2011-2020Rodrigo PláUruguay

    A middle-aged, single mother of three cares for her eighty year old father, and they are pushed to the breaking point.Read More »

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