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Daniel Birt – Third Party Risk (1954)

Vacationing at a resort hotel in Spain, a man discovers he is the only one not mixed up one way or another in murder, drugs and microfilm smuggling. But, the police are after him! Read More »

Alfred L. Werker – Walk East On Beacon (1952)

Louis de Rochemont, former March of Time producer whose docudrama films proved so popular in the 1940s, offers more of the same in Walk East on Beacon. Based on an article written – or ghostwritten – by J. Edgar Hoover, the film concerns the efforts by the FBI to plug up a dangerous security leak. Federal agent Belden – George Murphy- is assigned to locate the communist mastermind behind the leak, and to trace all avenues of informational access utilized by the Bad Guys. Finlay Currie co-stars as an Einstein-like scientist who is being blackmailed by the Reds into cooperating with them, while Karel Stepanek is slime personified as the top Eastern-Bloc spy. Largely filmed on location in New York, Walk East on Beacon makes good use of several Manhattan-based actors, few of whom were seen in films either before or since. Read More »

Michael Anderson – Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)

A classic Jules Verne adaptation.
English nobleman Phileas Fogg, a very strict and emotionless man, gets
wound up in a bet at his gentlemen’s club: He has to prove that it is
possible to travel around the whole world in only 80 days. Together with
his new butler Passepartout, who expected a different first day at work,
he takes off instantly to Paris, where they miss the train to
Marseilles. But a travel agent called Thomas Cook offers them his
captive balloon, which carries them to Spain instead. Passepartout’s
skills are necessary in a bullfight in order to get them a ship that
should take them back onto their planned route. Read More »