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Yrjö Norta – SF-paraati AKA SF Parade (1940)

The first true Finnish movie musical, released in 1940 by Suomen Filmiteollisuus (“SF” for short, hence the title), though some would grant this honor to Suomi-Filmi’s Meidän poikamme merellä (“Our Boys at Sea”, 1933), a film showcasing the Finnish navy as well as the singing talents of composer Georg Malmstén. The songs for SF Parade were also composed by Malmstén, who appears in a small role, but the true stars of the film are Tauno Palo and Ansa Ikonen, already well-known from romantic comedies of the ’30s such as Everybody’s Love and Substitute Wife. They would go on to star in the studio’s next musical and one of the most popular Finnish films of all time, The Vagabond’s Waltz of 1941. Read More »

Mikko Niskanen – Käpy selän alla AKA Under Your Skin (1966)

Mikko Niskanen’s famous new wave film about the ’60s urban intellectuals who get faced in the Finnish countryside with loads of beer. Read More »

Mikko Niskanen – Pojat AKA The Boys (1962)

Mikko Niskanen’s 1962 adaptation of Paavo Rintala’s novel Pojat (The Boys, 1958) deals with the experiences of young boys during wartime and, more specifically, with the difficult subject of Finnish cooperation with the Nazis during the Continuation War leading up to the Lapland War.

The Raksila Boys are a gang of school boys who are growing up in Oulu. Finland has agreed to ally itself with Hitler’s Germany in order to stand any chance of resisting total defeat against the Soviet Union. Read More »

Mikko Niskanen – Kahdeksan surmanluotia AKA Eight deadly shots (1972)

IMDB Plot Summary
Small-farmer Pasi shoots four policemen who have come to arrest him for raged drunkenness. Rest of the movie is a long flashback examining the events that finally leads to the tragic shooting. As time goes by, Pasi sinks gradually deeper and deeper into the poverty, gets into trouble with both police and tax officials while family arguments grow more and more serious. Based on a true story.

IMDB Review
Mikko Niskanen plays Pasi, a troubled man who shoots four policemen who come to arrest him.The movie shows the events that led to that situation.Kahdeksan surmanluotia (1972) is a powerful movie that is based on a true story.It’s a Finnish masterpiece about a typical Finnish man who likes liquor more than he should.If he hadn’t drank these tragic events would never have taken place. Read More »

Aleksi Salmenperä – Paha perhe AKA Bad Family (2010)

After a divorce a father raises his son on his own, while his ex-wife has custody over his daughter. When the mother dies, the brother and sister finally meet again. Read More »

Teuvo Tulio – Sensuela (1973)

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky wrote:
A mix of sexploitation, Lappish folk dress, and soap opera that still finds room for Nazis and reindeer castration – a movie so inept and bizarre that I have to limit any mention of it to this one sentence, lest I get too carried away. Read More »

Jack Witikka – Nukkekauppias ja kaunis Lilith AKA The Doll Merchant (1955)

The Doll Merchant (1955), a fairy tale for adults directed by Jack Witikka, is based on a radio play by Walentin Chorell. The titular doll merchant, played by Martti Katajisto, refuses to conform to the norms of an anonymous totalitarian state. The dictator of the state (Tauno Palo) thinks the merchant is a rebel and has him arrested. However, the dictator’s lover Lilith (Hillevi Lagerstam) is very fond of dolls, as is the little girl (Leena Kaprio), who is helped by an anarchist (Heikki Savolainen) in her search for the doll merchant. The many dolls seen in the film were made by Mona Leo. Read More »