Francis Lister

  • Terence Fisher – Home to Danger (1951)

    1951-1960CrimeMysteryTerence FisherUSA

    Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
    Rona Anderson plays a wealthy young Englishwoman, long estranged from her father. She returns home when papa dies, reluctantly agreeing to listen to the will reading. It soon becomes clear that some unknown party is out to bump off Anderson as well–though she is the only person who stands to benefit from her father’s demise. Director Terence Fisher, later a foremost purveyor of horror at Hanner Films, deftly handles shocks of a more mundane sort herein. Home to Danger is just long enough at 66 minutes.Read More »

  • Brian Desmond Hurst – Sensation (1936)

    1931-1940Brian Desmond HurstCrimeDramaUnited Kingdom

    John Lodge plays a reporter who is one of what is known as the Murder Gang.As soon as a murder occurs he and journalists from other papers descend on the town where the homicide occurred and prey like vultures on the surrounding populace in order to feed their editors the scraps of information.Lodge professes to dislike his ocucpation but nevertheless participates in it fully.He goes to the wife of one of the suspects and manages to extort love letters out of her in return for legal assistance.He witholds evidence from the police.Read More »

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