Francisco Rabal

  • Damiano Damiani – La rimpatriata AKA The Reunion (1963)

    Two members of a former group of friends find themselves after many years by chance through the streets of Milan; after a moment, memories of the past resurface.Read More »

  • Arturo Ripstein – El evangelio de las Maravillas (1998)

    “La Nueva Jerusalem” is a small community of believers lead by Papá Basilio (Rabal) and Mamá Dorita (Jurado). They’re waiting for the second coming of Christ, so they’ve abandoned the world, searching for a new spiritual life. Mamá Dorita sees in young Tomasa (Gurrola) the signals of the chosen one. The young girl will be the new leader in “La Nueva Jerusalem”.Read More »

  • Juan Antonio Bardem – A las cinco de la tarde (1960)

    The title refers to the common time for bullfights, and the story involves an ambitious young torero on his way up the ladder of success, and an older one on his way down, a bitter view of the popular Spanish spectacle.
    (imdb)Read More »

  • Rafael Gil – La guerra de Dios AKA I Was a Parish Priest (1953)

    A new religious film with Claude Laydu, the bressonian county priest.
    A young priest is assigned to a poor mining parish. There he will try by all means to end, through the Gospel, the justified rancor of the miners, who live in a bleeding situation of misery and social injustice. (FILMAFFINITY)Read More »

  • Paolo Heusch – El ‘Che’ Guevara (1968)

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    A good old fashioned story about the Third-World’s attempt to rip off their colonial shackles.Read More »

  • Luis Buñuel – Viridiana (1961)

    After years in Mexican exile, Buñuel returned to his native Spain to make this dark account of corruption, which was immediately banned. A young nun, full of charity, kindness, and idealistic illusions about humanity, visits her uncle and tries to help some local peasants and beggars. But her altruism is greeted with ridicule and cruelty. Pinal gives a superb performance in the title role, and Buñuel’s clear-eyed wit is relentless in its depiction of human selfishness, ingratitude, and cynicism. The final beggars’ orgy – a black parody of the Last Supper, performed to the ethereal strains of Handel’s Messiah – is one of the director’s most memorably disturbing, funny, and brutal scenes. A masterpiece.
    — Timeout.Read More »

  • Victor Erice, Claudio Guerín & José Luis Egea – Los Desafíos aka The Challenges (1969)

    Dean Selmier plays an expatriate American in each story of this trilogy. Francisco Rabal and his family star in the first feature filmed at the Rabal family home in Madrid. An over aggressive American soldier tries to put the moves on his wife and daughter before he is clubbed and thrown into the swimming pool. Part two finds a hippie couple slain at the country home of a wealthy local (Alfredo Mayo) after the young woman is offered to him for money and the boy makes love to the man’s wife. In part three, an American man, a Cuban girl, two Spanish students and a chimpanzee throw a dance party before the American plants a bomb that destroys everyone. (allmovie)Read More »

  • Luis Buñuel – Nazarín AKA Nazarin (1959)

    A priest in a poor community lives a charitable life in accordance with his religious principles, but many others do not return the favor.Read More »

  • Mauro Bolognini, Vittorio De Sica, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Franco Rossi, Luchino Visconti – Le streghe (1967)


    A film of five separate comedy to drama segments–directed by Visconti, Bolognini, Pasolini, Franco Rossi and de Sica. The international cast includes Clint Eastwood, Annie Girardot and Alberto Sordi, and features Silvana Mangano. Important Note: This film has been manufactured from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored specifically for this DVD release. 16 x 9. Important Note: This film has been manufactured from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored specifically for this DVD release. From Warner Brothers Website!Read More »

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