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Luc Moullet – Terres noires (1961)

A documentary shot by Moullet in 16mm, about two remote, underdeveloped villages, one in the Alps and one in the Pyrenees. It is Moullet’s version of Buñuel’s Las Hurdes (Land without Bread, 1932) which was not released until 1966. Read More »

Luc Moullet – Les Contrebandières AKA The Smugglers (1968)

Two young women leave the claustrophobic existence of the big city behind and move to a small border town. They get caught up with a border guard who is involved in smuggling from both sides of the border. When the border changes as a result of a political realignment, the two young women end up living with the guard. Both fall for the man, but jealousy rears its ugly head and they move back to the city. The ever-restless women soon leave the city behind and return to the border where they continue their youthful romps with the guard and other willing participants. The guard has women on both sides of the line who help in his illegal activities.

— Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide Read More »