Frank McHugh

  • William A. Wellman – Lilly Turner (1933)

    William A. Wellman1931-1940ClassicsDramaUSA

    Lilly Turner (1933) provided a bravura role for star Ruth Chatterton, and another opportunity to display her versatility. Lilly is a hard-luck dame with lousy taste in men. First she marries a no-good bounder who promises her the world, but instead turns her into a cootch dancer in a carnival. Then she finds out her “husband” already has a wife. Left alone and pregnant, Lilly marries an alcoholic pal (Frank McHugh), and the couple joins a traveling medicine show. Things go from bad to worse when a psychotic strongman in the show develops an obsession for her. When a genuine nice guy, played by Chatterton’s then-husband George Brent, comes into her dreary life, Lilly tries to grab some happiness. But it may be too late.Read More »

  • Leo McCarey – Going My Way (1944) (HD)

    1941-1950ComedyDramaLeo McCareyUSA

    A winner of seven Academy Awards®*, the irresistible Going My Way lights up the screen as beautifully as it warms up the heart. Bing Crosby shines as Father O’Malley, a young priest new to an established but financially troubled parish. When his philosophies conflict with those of the curmudgeonly Father Fitzgibbon (Barry Fitzgerald), the unflappable Father O’Malley perseveres — eventually winning over his gruff superior and the parish with his fresh, inspirational approach.Read More »

  • Joseph Pevney – It Happens Every Thursday (1953)

    1951-1960ComedyJoseph PevneyUSA

    from TCM:
    One morning in New York City, newspaper reporter Bob MacAvoy finishes his nighttime shift and stumbles into bed just as his very pregnant wife Jane rises. Jane cares for their young son Steve and then, while riding the subway to work, notices an advertisement for a small newspaper in Eden, California. Tired of never seeing her husband and living in their cramped apartment, Jane rushes home and convinces Bob that the paper represents the perfect escape from their city life. Read More »

  • W.S. Van Dyke – I Love You Again (1940)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyScrewball ComedyUSAW.S. Van Dyke


    Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
    Those popular MGM co-stars William Powell and Myrna Loy take a break from their usual Thin Man duties to star in the zany comedy I Love You Again. The film opens with Loy prepared to divorce her dull businessman husband Powell. A blow on the head causes Powell to remember his former life as a notorious con man. No one in town has any knowledge of Powell’s criminal past, a fact he hopes to use to his advantage. Loy, astounded at Powell’s sudden surge of amorous ardor, reconsiders her divorce. When she learns of his true identity, she is even more fascinated. Another blow on the head restores the non-criminal Powell–at least, that’s what he and Loy would like you to believe. The film’s highlight is a screamingly funny sequence in which Powell plays scoutmaster to a group of surly youngsters (including Our Gang veterans Carl Switzer and Mickey Gubitosi, aka Robert Blake).Read More »

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