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Alain Cavalier – Être vivant et le savoir (2019)

Emmanuèle Bernheim and Alain Cavalier are linked by thirty years of friendship. They are preparing a film based on the autobiographical book of the novelist: Everything went well. She tells how her father asked her “to finish” after a cardiovascular accident. Cavalier proposes to him to hold his own role and that he, be his father. One winter morning, Emmanuèle calls Alain; it will be necessary to delay the shooting until the spring, it is operated urgently. Read More »

Jérémy Gravayat – A Lua Platz (2018)

At the outskirts of Paris, in a rapidly-changing suburb, a group of Romanian families are searching for a place to live. From their abandoned village, to the demolished slum and occupied houses, their quest weaves together a common history, forged through solidarity and marked by displacement. Accompanying them on their journey, we build this film as an alternative habitable space. Read More »

Jacques Rivette – La bande des quatre AKA Gang of Four (1989)

Gang of Four (French: La Bande des quatre) is a 1989 French drama film directed by Jacques Rivette. It was entered into the 39th Berlin International Film Festival, where it won an Honourable Mention.

La Bande des Quatre (domestically known as Gang Of Four) is Jacque Rivette’s 1988 film that meanders through the close knit lives of a group of female acting school students in Paris. When I say meander, I REALLY mean meander, because Rivette chooses to let his film gradually unfurl at a hypnotically slow pace that at times borders on the voyeuristic, with it’s long, static shots of breakfast and dinner conversations and the like. At first, this style of filmmaking straddles the line between dull and engaging, but Rivette’s film is saved by a quartet of strong young actresses. Read More »

Bertrand Tavernier – L.627 (1992)

In Paris, Lulu, a passionate policeman, works with the faith of a rookie, despite the sclerotic bureaucracy and the incompetence or negligence of some of his colleagues. In his new position as a narcotics inspector, he tries to keep his sanity as he witnesses the worst of the human condition. Read More »

Cecil B. De Mézig – Le grand numero AKA Lust in the Circus (1952)

A circus clown turns out to be a quite a ladies’ man in this charming short story from the master of stag films, Cecil B. De Mézig. This is most likely the first stag film made in color, or more precisely in pornocolor as it is introduced at its very start. This was long before color became the norm in stag films in the late 60s.

This film is not yet listed at IMDB. Neither the actor nor the actresses are credited. Read More »

José Giovanni – Dernier domicile connu AKA Last Known Address (1970)

As a result of a serious professional blunder, Inspector Leonetti finds himself transferred to a minor police department. There, he is assigned to a difficult case involving a certain Roger Martin, who has disappeared with his small daughter. Martin is in fact a key witness in a murder case and is required to give evidence against a well-known gangster. To help him in his hunt for Martin, Leonetti is teamed up with Jeanne, a young policewoman with next to no experience. By frequently changing his address Martin hopes not only to evade Leonetti and Jeanne, but also the band of gangsters who are determined to prevent him from testifying…
— James Travers Read More »

Manuel Pradal – Marie Baie des Anges aka Marie from the Bay of Angels (1997)

Marie, a young French girl, begins dating a GI soldier when him and other soldiers take shore leave on the coast of France. They spend a considerable amount of time together. Then the soldier dumps her for some reason. Enter Orso, a danger hungry criminal. After unsuccessfully attempting to rape Marie, he instead steals her purse. In the purse are her treasured items. He returns the items. The two fall in love. They escape to a deserted island in the Bay Of Angels. From here, the film descends into a random montage of scenes, which become more disturbing with the progression of time. Read More »