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Raoul Ruiz – Les âmes fortes AKA Savage Souls (2001)

Les âmes fortes (2011)
At a wake one night in 1945, a group of aged women recall the life of one of their number. Sixty years before, Thérèse was barely 20 years old when she eloped with her boyfriend, Firmin, a blacksmith, to Châtillon, a town in Provence. Here, she makes the acquaintance of the wealthy Madame Numance, who is known for her good deeds. Realising that Thérèse is pregnant and unemployed, Madame Numance insists that she moves into a house on her estate. Whilst Firmin resents the arrangement, Thérèse soon finds that she can exploit the situation, using her benefactor’s naivety and generosity for her own gain.. Read More »

Virgile Bramly & Julia Ducournau – Mange (2012)

Mange (2012) Synopsis:
Laura is a lawyer, she’s beautiful and has a nice boyfriend. But 15 years ago she was fat, bullied and without friends. Now she has come to terms with her bulimia. She is celebrating her first year abstinence. Read More »

Michel Béna – Le Ciel de Paris (1991)

Marc is in love with Lucien, who’s in love with Suzanne, who’s in love with someone else.

L’amour à l’état brut, avec ses perles et ses cailloux, ses imperfections et ses éclats de vie. Sandrine Bonnaire superbe d’émotion et de vérité. Read More »

Nobuhiro Suwa – Ainsi Va La Vie (2019)

Ainsi Va La Vie (2019)

Ainsi Va La Vie (2019)
A portrait of three women striving to forge their own rosy paths.

The film was produced in 2019 by Nobuhiro Suwa as an commercial for a cosmetics brand called ALBION. It was once on YouTube, but now the link is down Read More »

David Hamilton – Tendres cousines AKA Cousins In Love (1980)

Tendres cousines (1980)
With the outbreak of WWII, the sudden call to arms will send the men of a family’s estate to the front, leaving a curious adolescent alone with the remaining women of the house, in need of a warm embrace and, possibly, a daring kiss. Read More »

Jacques Perconte – Printtemps (2020)

“For Jean-Luc Godard,with all the admiration and affection of
Jacques Perconte and Nicole Brenez,December 3, 2020.”

At the end of October (a few days before my birthday actually) Nicole Brenez asked me to produce a small film for a great man, a short film, a film like a birthday song, a common gift. Of course, I go for it, although I wonder how I could do something like this. That JLG sees one of my films, that he tampers with it and uses it is a blessing, a huge honor, but it’s quite another thing to send him images, to make a little film for him, so humble the gesture be it … Nicole Brenez sends me many portraits that she likes very much, some are historical documents, others images made by JLG himself. She also sends me documents, films, recordings. An incredible amount of stuff for a month of immersion. The birthday is December 3. I don’t know why, but I immediately wanted to grab my camera and take JLG to a screen on a boat, for a ride in the port of Rotterdam (where I live). I have tried several times to express this intuition. I wanted to film. Read More »

Carmen Leroi – Pour Elsa AKA For Elsa (2020)

In a large building in a Parisian district, Elsa lives alone. Her young neighbor Alice hears her playing the piano at home and enjoys it. Elsa suggests that she learn the piano and offers to play it at home, when she is not there. Alice thus gets into the habit of living in Elsa’s apartment several times a week. Read More »