Gabriele Ferzetti

  • Mauro Bolognini – Un bellissimo novembre AKA That Splendid November (1969)

    The story is set in a manor farm on the slopes of Etna near Catania, at the beginning of November, during some days of vacation that are the occasion for a family of the Sicilian bourgeoisie to come together.
    Nino is a restless teenager of seventeen, who harbors an unbridled love passion for Cettina, the sister of his mother. The woman, who is married and mature, partly reciprocates the attention of his nephew Nino, but at the same time is interested in an associate of her husband, Sasà, young and handsome. The husband seems to push her toward the partner for the sake of convenience.Read More »

  • Luciano Emmer – Camilla (1954)

    Camilla, a middle-aged Venetian widow, arrives in Rome to take up service as a maid with the Rossetti family, made up of Mario, a doctor, his wife Giovanna and their children Andrea and Cristina. The economic conditions of the Rossetti are not flourishing and this causes tensions and disagreements.Read More »

  • Mario Soldati – La provinciale aka The Wayward Wife (1953)


    Description: The Wayward Wife (Italian: La provinciale) is a 1953 Italian drama film taken from an Alberto Moravia’s novel and directed by Mario Soldati. It was entered into the 1953 Cannes Film Festival.

    Gemma, daughter of a lodger, is in love with her half-brother, but since she cannot marry him she ends up marrying a teacher. She doesn’t love him and betrays him but is blackmailed by a Romanian countess who forces her to become a prostitute. She’s desperate but in the end she asks her husband for help. She has learned to love him in the meantime.Read More »

  • Gianluigi Calderone – Appassionata AKA Passionate (1974)

    Ornella Muti Eugenia, the daughter of respected dentist Emilio Rutelli (Gabriele Ferzetti) and former concert pianist Elisa Rutello (Valentina Cortese). Elisa long ago suffered some sort of mental breakdown, and she’s treated shabbily by Eugenia. For his part, Emilio still cares for Elisa, though that doesn’t prevent him from becoming sexually active with his daughter’s best friend Nicola (Eleonora Giorgi). Incest eventually enters into the picture.
    Read More »

  • Costa-Gavras – L’Aveu AKA The Confession (1970)


    Gérard has been a loyal supporter of communism for all his adult life, serving in the French Resistance during the Second World War and supporting the civil war in Spain. Now, in 1951, he is the deputy minister for foreign affairs in Czechoslovakia. One day, he discovers that he is being followed, and, shortly after he is arrested and taken away to a makeshift prison. Without knowing why he has been arrested or who his captors are, Gérard is ordered to confess to his crimes against the State…Read More »

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