George Raft

  • Roy Del Ruth – It Had to Happen (1936)

    Roy Del Ruth1931-1940DramaUSA
    It Had to Happen (1936)
    It Had to Happen (1936)

    A poor boy rises to power in politics. When the banker husband of his secret love takes money and flees the country, he replaces the lost amount and becomes implicated in the crime.Read More »

  • Raoul Walsh – They Drive by Night (1940)

    1931-1940DramaFilm NoirRaoul WalshUSA

    PLOT: Joe and Paul Fabrini are Wildcat, or independent, truck drivers who have their own small one-truck business. The Fabrini boys constantly battle distributors, rivals and loan collectors, while trying to make a success of their transport company.Read More »

  • Raoul Walsh – Manpower (1941)

    Drama1941-1950CrimeRaoul WalshUSA

    Electric company foreman Hank McHenry (Edward G. Robinson) works with his friend Johnny Marshall (George Raft). Upon the death of an older worker in an accident, Hank and Johnny visit the man’s daughter, Fay (Marlene Dietrich), who has just been released from jail. Johnny takes an instant dislike to the jaded Fay, but Hank begins courting her and, despite not loving him, Fay eventually marries him. Later, when Hank brings Johnny home for care when he is ill, Fay falls in love and sparks fly.Read More »

  • Fritz Lang – You and Me (1938)

    1931-1940Film NoirFritz LangMusicalUSA

    The last installment of Lang’s “social trilogy,” You and Me (preceded by Fury and You Only Live Once) was an ambitious experiment but ultimately a box-office failure. A studied attempt to craft a socially conscious satire in the tradition of Brecht’s didactic plays, the film—produced by Lang himself for Paramount—presents the story of a progressive department-store owner who employs ex-convicts, some of whom have not quite reformed. Although Lang’s directorial sleight of hand is visible everywhere, the film slips between the registers of drama and comedy in ways that may have perplexed contemporary audiences.Read More »

  • Edwin L. Marin – Christmas Eve (1947)

    Edwin L. Marin1941-1950ComedyDramaUSA

    The greedy nephew of eccentric Matilda Reed seeks to have her judged incompetent so he can administer her wealth; but she will be saved if her three long-lost adopted sons appear for a Christmas Eve reunion. Separate stories reveal Michael as a bankrupt playboy loved by loyal Ann; Mario as a seemingly shady character tangling with a Nazi war criminal in South America; Jonathan as a hard-drinking rodeo rider intent on a flirtatious social worker. Is there hope for Matilda?Read More »

  • Fritz Lang – You and Me (1938)

    Fritz Lang1931-1940CrimeDramaUSA

    An altruistic department-store owner hires ex-convicts in order to give them a second chance at life. Unfortunately, one of the convicts he hires recruits two of his fellow ex-convicts in a plan to rob the store.Read More »

  • Edwin L. Marin – Mr. Ace (1946)

    Edwin L. Marin1941-1950DramaPoliticsUSA

    Margaret Wyndham Chase wants to run for governor and approaches Eddie Ace, local political kingmaker/fringe gangster, to get his support. Ace’s belief is that “beautiful women and politics do not mix” and he declines to help. She decides to play the game rough-and-tough without him, but he shows he is even rougher-and-tougher, and she gives up and withdraws from the race. But Ace has fallen in love with her at about the 45-minute mark and, with his new-found ardor for clean politics, he makes some (unclean) manipulations behind the scenes, and she is picked to run on an independent good-government ticket.Read More »

  • Ted Tetzlaff – A Dangerous Profession (1949)

    USA1941-1950Film NoirTed Tetzlaff

    Ex-policeman Vince Kane is a partner with Joe Farley as bail bond brokers, but retains his ties and friendship with the police and Detective Nick Ferrone. Ferrone picks up Claude Brackette, a brokerage clerk, as a suspect in the securities robbery in which a policeman was killed, and Kane goes with him when the detective searches Brackett’s apartment, and Kane finds that Brackett’s wife, Lucy, is his former sweetheart. She insists her husband is innocent and pleads with Kane to get him out on bail but she has only $4,000 of the $25,000 needed. A mysterious emissary puts up $12,000 and Kanes, over Farley’s protest, makes up the rest from the company’s money. Brackett is murdered after his release.Read More »

  • Edwin L. Marin – Nocturne (1946)

    1941-1950CrimeEdwin L. MarinFilm NoirUSA

    Police detective Joe Warne investigates the shooting of womanizing composer Keith Vincent. Evidence points to suicide and that is the official verdict, but Joe doesn’t buy it and obsessively keeps looking, tracking down one discarded love after another, despite being ordered off the case.Read More »

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