Georgina Spelvin

  • Henri Pachard – The Devil in Miss Jones Part II (1982)

    Henri Pachard1981-1990EroticaFantasyUSA
    The Devil in Miss Jones Part II (1982)
    The Devil in Miss Jones Part II (1982)

    Justine Jones, in a continuation of The Devil in Miss Jones, Part 1 (1973), is frustrated in hell. She makes a sexual deal with the Devil himself to earn a return to earth as an immortal human. However, in earning her escape, Lucifer falls in love with her. He doesn’t want her to go but can’t admit it because he’s the Devil. The story gets underway as he tries to place her soul in nubile bodies on earth that are increasingly removed from opportunities for sex, in order to jealously deny her the one thing she craves. He finally tries the body of a nun, but this brings him into conflict with HIM, resulting in a humorous finale.Read More »

  • Gary Graver – The Ecstasy Girls (1979)

    1971-1980ComedyEroticaGary GraverUSA

    Here is a splendid little classic from 1979, produced by Harold Lime and directed by Robert McCallum. As is usual with “Golden Age” classics, the plot, acting, exterior shots and general production values are outstanding. This flick was shot on location in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco.
    Jamie Gillis plays a washed up B-movie star who is down on his luck. He has been reduced to escorting starlets to movie premieres, a service for which his agent pays him a few bucks plus expenses. He still makes the rounds of Hollywood parties, however, and at one such event, his host, J.C. Church, observes him seducing Desiree Cousteau. Read More »

  • Gary Graver – Garage Girls (1981)

    1981-1990EroticaGary GraverUSA

    a mind-bending, pulse-racing sex romp. From the grease pits of the garage to the mean streets, these girls can fix not just your car, but that overwhelming lust that overcomes every man in their presence.Read More »

  • Wakefield Poole – Bible! (1974)

    1971-1980ArthouseEroticaUSAWakefield Poole

    From acclaimed erotic filmmaker, Wakefield Poole, comes The Bible, like you’ve never seen it before!
    The stories of Adam & Eve, Bath Sheba and Samson & Delilah are given sexual twists in this visually stunning and sensually charged masterpiece of the erotic avant-garde.
    Featuring Georgina Spelvin (The Devil in Miss Jones), Gloria Grant and Bo White. Wakefield Poole’s Bible! may have been a commercial and artistic failure, but the film is entertaining on so many levels that we can highly recommend it because it offers some fascinating insights into one of the strangest film projects of its era.Read More »

  • Roberta Findlay – Mystique (1980)

    1971-1980EroticaRoberta FindlayUSA

    Alma, a famous photographer, needs to move away from work and the city due to a serious cancer illness, and will live alone in a beach house. Surrounded by award-winning photos of her past, and haunted by memories, she ends up getting involved with Cosima, a young woman from the neighborhood. But what begins as a love affair between the two women soon turns out to be a nightmare when Cosima starts manipulating Alma and bringing others into the house – and their lives.Read More »

  • Gerard Damiano – The Devil In Miss Jones (1973)

    USA1971-1980CultEroticaGerard Damiano

    Miss Jones is tired of her life and commits suicide. She comes to a place where its decided if she will end up in Heaven or Hell. Because of her suicide she should go to Hell but she has the option to return to Earth and live life according to one of the mortal sins for some time. She picks lust and a few days of carnal pleasure follows.Read More »

  • Gary Graver – 3 A.M. (1975)

    Gary Graver1971-1980DramaEroticaUSA

    When a woman begins an affair with her brother-in-law, complications ensue as soon as the family finds out.

    Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Charles Hooper, Clair Dia, Rhonda Gellard, Sharon Thorpe & Judith Hamilton.Read More »

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