Geraldine Chaplin

  • Pedro Olea – La casa sin fronteras AKA The House Without Frontiers (1972)

    Pedro Olea1971-1980DramaHorrorSpainSpanish cinema under Franco
    La casa sin fronteras (1972)
    La casa sin fronteras (1972)

    Daniel, a young man in his twenties, moves from his hometown to the city of Bilbao in search of… a chance to discover himself. When he is not looking for work, he spends his time reading in the city library. One day Daniel encounters an elderly and seemingly kind old gentleman who commends his desire to educate himself. He says he might be able to find Daniel a job and sure enough, he starts work for an organization called The House Without Frontiers. After a short period of probation, Daniel is summoned to the organizations labyrinthine headquarters and is given his instructions. Although much is still not clear to him, it seems he is being asked to locate a young woman called Anabel Campos (played by Geraldine Chaplin). It turns out that Anabel, like Daniel, had accepted a job with the House Without Frontiers but fled the organization after a senior member of the tribunal was found murdered. Was she guilty? Is she in hiding or has she vanished without a trace?Read More »

  • Jacques Rivette – Noroît aka Nor’west (1976)

    Jacques Rivette1971-1980AdventureFantasyFrance
    Noroît (1976)
    Noroît (1976)

    After her brother was killed by a notorious all-female pirate gang, Morag dedicates her life to bringing the murderers to justice. Soon, she has become an important member of the pirate gang and has begun acquiring the loyalty of key members. Eventually, she makes her move and challenges the leader, a demi-god (literally), known as “The Daughter of the Sun.” The story of Noroit is based on an early 17th-century tragedy by Cyril Tourneur, and, though it is only the third one filmed, the movie is the concluding episode in a four-part series by director Jacques Rivette.Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – Elisa, vida mía AKA Elisa, My Life (1977)

    Carlos Saura1971-1980DramaSpain
    Elisa, vida mía (1977)

    On a secluded farmhouse in Castile and León, Luis is reuinted with his estranged daughter, Elisa after a 20-year separation. On the farmhouse, Luis writes what appears at times to be both an autobiography and a novel. The book is played out, with memories of the past, such as when Luis walked out on his family and is mixed with fantasies about Elisa’s adult life as well as her failed marriage.Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – Cría cuervos AKA Raise Ravens (1976) (HD)

    Drama1971-1980Carlos SauraSpain

    In the twilight of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, an 8-year-old orphan and her two sisters find shelter in the house of their stern aunt and try their best to acclimatize to a new reality. Can they summon up the courage to grow up?Read More »

  • Maurice Rabinowicz – Une page d’amour AKA One Page of Love (1978)

    1971-1980DramaFranceMaurice Rabinowicz

    François Karwitch is a young lawyer from a wealthy but stifling Jewish family. His life is meticulously ordered, he does his routine work day after day and is about to marry Fanny, the fiancée forced on him by his parents. One day, from the window of his Brussels practice, he witnesses a scene which will turn his life upside down: the brutal internment of a man in a nearby psychiatric hospital. Shocked by the treatment given to this person he decides to learn more about him. His name is Carlos; he is a revolted blue collar; and if he has been taken to this place, it is because he killed the head of an arms factory.Read More »

  • Herbert Vesely – Der Kurze Brief zum langen Abschied aka Short Letter to the Long Farewell (1978)

    1971-1980DramaGermanyHerbert Vesely

    Here is a Peter Handke Adaptation from the 70s featuring Geraldine Chaplin and Music by Brian Eno.
    about the novel:
    In ”Short Letter, Long Farewell,” a German playwright is pursued by his wife, an actress, who wants to kill him. They scramble across the United States – Providence, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Tucson, northern Oregon – to California, where they meet the director John Ford, who utters sage advice that enables them to part in peace. The novel is full of vivid snapshots of American characters and scenes, and the idiosyncratic mixture of narrative, interior monologue, natural description and cultural themes and cliches is a brilliant concoction.Read More »

  • Michael Campus – Z.P.G. AKA Zero Population Growth [+ Commentary] (1972)

    1971-1980CultMichael CampusSci-FiUSA

    In the not too distant future, a very smoggy and overpopulated Earth government makes it illegal to have children for a generation. One couple, unsatisfied with their substitute robot baby, breaks the rules and gets in a lot of trouble.Read More »

  • Alan Rudolph – Welcome to L.A. (1976)

    1971-1980Alan RudolphDramaRomanceUSA

    The lives and romantic entanglements of a group of young adults who have achieved “overnight” success in Los Angeles.Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – La madriguera AKA Honeycomb (1969)

    1961-1970ArthouseCarlos SauraDramaSpainSpanish cinema under Franco

    ‘Teresa and Pedro have been married for five years and are settled in a routine, and a rather sterile home. He manages – and possibly owns – a factory, while she is a lady of leisure. The arrival of a collection of furniture from Teresa’s childhood family home triggers a nightmare and subsequent sleepwalking, followed by regressive and childish behaviour. Teresa replaces their furniture (in keeping with the modern – verging on Brutalist – architecture of their house) with what has arrived, which is distinctly different in style (dark wood and richly coloured fabrics). The film then settles into a series of extended role play ‘games’ between husband and wife that gradually get out of hand.’
    – Rebecca NaughtenRead More »

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