Gerard Kennedy

  • Philip Brophy – Body Melt (1993)

    “The first phase is hallucinogenic… the second phase is glandular… and the third phase is… BODY MELT.”

    from original 1993 press-kit

    Injected With an experimental drug, the research chemist Ryan (Robert Simper) leaves a mysterious rural health farm and drives to the outer-city suburb of Hornesville, As Ryan’s body starts to deteriorate and his driving becomes more erratic, a cruising police car starts to chase him. Charging towards a group of houses in Pebbles Court, Homesville, Ryan leaves a cryptic message on his dictaphone: “The first phase is hallucinogenic … The second phase is glandular… The third phase is …”Read More »

  • Phillip Noyce – Newsfront (1978)

    A slickly made and occasionally creative action drama, of the thoughtful sort they seldom make anymore. The hero of Philip Noyce’s 1978 Australian film is a newsreel cameraman, a device that allows Noyce to cut between stock shots and new footage, black and white and color, and historical and personal events. The montage sometimes makes good drama and good sense, but at other points the intent is every bit as obscure as the Australian politicians the film constantly alludes to.Read More »

  • Tim Burstall – The Last of the Knucklemen (1979)

    In the remote outback mining town of Andamooka, foreman ‘Tarzan’ (Gerard Kennedy) is forced to maintain order when necessary by use of his very formidable fists. Here, where boredom for these men is only relieved by a trip to the pub and visits to the local brothel, tempers often reach boiling point. Particularly for ‘Pansy’ (Mike Preston), a big-mouthed miner who is a continual irritant to all on site. Now ‘Pansy’ has gone one step too far and ‘Tarzan’ has to take him down. To the delight of the town the fists are about to start flying as the last of the knucklemen go head to head in a bare-knuckle fight to the finish…Read More »

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