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Herbert Achternbusch – Servus Bayern aka Bye-Bye Bavaria! (1977)

Achternbusch, poet, poacher, and Bavarian wants to leave his native land.
In this somewhat experimental satirical black comedy, a renowned and sensitive poet and writer is fed up with the crudenesses of his native Bavaria and, in a well-publicized move, says he refuses even to die there. Instead, followed by reporters, he retires to Greenland. There, he has a reunion with his girlfriend, and gains some idea of the current situation of his wife before he dies.
~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide Read More »

Cristina Perincioli – Für Frauen. 1. Kapitel AKA For Women Chapter 1 (1972)

Equal pay for equal work! Four female employees at a West Berlin supermarket, who feel heavy pressure both at work and at home, go on strike to demand the same salary that their male colleague gets. The band Ton Steine Scherben sings along that “Everything changes if you change it / But you can’t win as long as you’re alone!” With a lay cast, the film fulfills the demand for solidarity that it preaches – “this film was made by saleswomen and housewives. They came up with the story and acted themselves. The film students helped them”. Read More »

Ted Fendt – Outside Noise (2021) (HD)

Daniela is unsure about what to do next and where to live. Mia is finishing a master’s degree that she spontaneously started. Along with Natascha, another friend thinking of moving to Vienna, they wander around and talk. Read More »

Ferdinand Khittl – Eine Stadt feiert Geburtstag AKA A City’s Birthday Celebrations (1959)

A documentary short film by Ferdinand Khittl on Munich’s 800th anniversary.

Ferdinand Khittl was born on the 20th of January, 1924, in Frantikovy Lázně, Czechoslovakia. As a ship’s boy he signed on for a training vessel and for six years until 1945 he was a sailor with the merchant marine. After his release from two years as a POW in Italy he tried his hand at various professions (labourer, bricklayer, poultry-breeder, barman and baker) and first came in contact with the film business in 1951, when a friendship with a cinema owner led to a job as the representative of a film rental agency. Between 1952 and 1955 he worked as a trainee in Robert Sandner’s Olympia-Film company and became a cutter for Luis Trenker. Read More »

Haro Senft – Plakate der Weimarer Republik aka Posters of the Weimar Republic (1962)

Posters and photos from the Weimar Republic serve as starting points for passing on the history of the first German republic and the reasons for its failure to future generations. Read More »

Heinz Emigholz – Die Wiese der Sachen AKA The Meadow of Things (1988)

Clonetown 1974 to 1979: a terrorist defector named Charon sits on the edge of oblivion and commentates on the imminent putrification of an abducted car dealer. Read More »

Dominik Graf – Dreileben – Komm mir nicht nach AKA Don’t Follow Me Around (2011)

In the trilogy’s second chapter, Jo (Jeanette Hain), a big-city police psychologist, arrives in Dreileben to aid in the ongoing investigation, whereupon she finds herself greeted cooly by the local authorities but welcomed with open arms by Vera (Susanne Wolff), a college friend who lives nearby with her husband, a pretentious author. As the girlfriends reminisce about bygone days and discover they were both once in love with the same man, director Dominik Graf deftly juxtaposes their personal drama against the search for a killer, a police corruption scandal, and a possible case of interspecies transmutation—all underlining the trilogy’s recurring themes of false appearances and deeply hidden truths. Read More »