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Herbert Achternbusch – Picasso in Muenchen (1997)

The painter Picasso awakes from the dead, steals one of his paintings from a psychiatrist’s and his wife’s kitchen and wanders through Munich, where he meets the psychiatrist’s patient, Takla Bash, and falls in love with her. Ignoring that she is actually his daughter he plans a phenomenal love affair including a film about a blue cow. This surreal film includes many of director/writer/star Herbert Achternbusch’s own paintings. Read More »

Peter Liechti – Marthas Garten AKA Martha’s Garden (1997)

Since weeks it’s cold and wet. It’s already late, Karl Winter is on his way home. Under dark circumstances he accidentally meets a woman of mysterious fascination – Martha… And so begins a love story of fatal dynamics which throws Karl far off the tracks of reason. Wicked dreams and subliminal changes in Karl’s surroundings confirm his feelings that with Martha the uncanniness has also entered his life. Read More »

Paul Martin – Glückskinder AKA Lucky Kids (1936)

Glueckskinder (Children of Fortune) serves as yet another sprightly vehicle for European film favorites Lilian Harvey and Willy Fritsch. Unlike the stars’ previous musical concoctions, this one takes place in New York City (or a reasonable facsimile constructed on the UFA back lot). To save Ann Garden (Harvey) from going to jail, reporter Gil Taylor (Fritsch) pretends to be married to her. Gallantly, he hides her identity from his own newspaper’s society columnist, and gets fired as a result. The rest of the picture finds Ann and Gil trying to “play house” without such niceties as a steady income. Near the end, the story goes off on a new tangent when it is suspected that Ann is the long-lost niece of a millionaire; she isn’t, but Gil’s coverage of the story gets him his job back, and everyone lives (presumably) happily ever after. Read More »

Helke Misselwitz – Wer fürchtet sich vorm schwarzen Mann AKA Who’s Afraid of the Bogeyman (1988)

A close-up of Berlin coal carriers from Prenzlauer Berg. No portrayal of heroic workers or progress here. Instead, bright, deeply-felt sketches of rough men and their resolute female boss. Read More »

Sandra Wollner – Das unmögliche Bild AKA The Impossible Picture (2016)

With Wollner’s latest film, The Trouble with Being Born, having generated a lot of interest and controversy (just last week, it was dropped from the Melbourne International Film Festival program after a newspaper article denounced it as dangerous), here’s her little-seen debut feature, about a thirteen-year-old girl in 1950s Vienna documenting her family and herself with a handheld video camera. Read More »

Barbara Albert – Die Lebenden AKA The Dead and The Living (2012)

The film deals with the story of my grandfather, who was an SS officer. He died in 1999, when I was 29 – and I really loved him… Barbara Albert Read More »

Erwin C. Dietrich – Die Nichten der Frau Oberst AKA Guess Who’s Coming for Breakfast (1968)

Madame Yanne is still a very young widow of an officer. She takes care of her pretty nieces Florentine and Juliet, who are currently living out their lesbian obsessions and are currently more engaged with each other than turning their heads around the lusty male world. As a stallion, Farmhand Erik was only too happy to jump at the two nieces. Inspector Simon has long been keeping an eye on Florentine and not only wants to get her to bed, but even marry. Mrs. Colonel would like to test his qualities as a lover in the horizontal for her niece. Also for Julia Yannes, a painter, is the suitable husband in the field of vision but she would like to test once before, whether he could make her happy in the future Read More »