• Sebastian Richter & Andreas Voigt – Letztes Jahr – Titanic AKA Last Year Titanic (1991)

    A small crew films Leipzig 89-90. They interview factory workers, young people, a former journalist, a Redskin and others. These individuals share their thoughts about the reunification, its consequences and their plans for the future.Read More »

  • Various – Diamant 804 (1981)

    A classic german loop collection. Starring Jette Koplev.

    1. Gaby’s Liebesspiele.
    2. Make love not war.Read More »

  • Károly Makk – Die Jäger AKA Deadly Game (1982)

    A hunting party arrives at a lodge in the Tatra mountains in Slovakia, where one woman in the party had “accidentally” shot and killed her first husband some time ago.Read More »

  • Edgar Reitz – Die Reise nach Wien (1973)

    During the closing months of the Second World War, two small-town German women discover some money in an attic and decide to spend it on a trip to Vienna.Read More »

  • Leni Riefenstahl – Tiefland (1954)

    After spending the 1930s as the Third Reich’s principal cinematic chronicler, Leni Riefenstahl returned to fictional films with Tiefland. According to Riefenstahl, she had refused to make any more propaganda pictures–“for good reasons,” she explained enigmatically–choosing instead to direct a period romance, based on an old Spanish play and opera by Eugen d’Albert. Riefenstahl cast herself as the central character, Marta, a Spanish dancer who becomes the romantic bone of contention between humble shepherd Franz Eichberger and imperious marquis Bernhard Minetti. While the material seems to cry out for music, Riefenstahl plays the story straight, though much of the acting can certainly be described as operatic.Read More »

  • Peter Schamoni – Moskau ruft! aka Moscow Is Calling! (1959)

    12′ – West Germany 1959 – Directed and written by: Peter Schamoni – Cinematography by: Jost Vacano
    Music by: Occamstreet Footwarmers – Produced by: Schongerfilm

    A film made secretly in Moscow by Peter Schamoni during the World Festival of Youth and Students in the summer of 1957. His cameraman was Jost Vacano. During their trip, they made authentic film and audio recordings of a kind that had never been seen before in Western countries.Read More »

  • Hans-Jürgen Pohland – Bürger Grass AKA Citizen Grass (1965)

    Bürger Grass – BRD 1965 – Drehbuch und Regie: Hansjürgen Pohland – Musik: Horst Geldmacher – Mit: Günter Grass, Willy Brandt – Produktion: Modern Art Film

    Documentary short film in which we see Günther Grass giving conferences, signing books and speaking, among others, with Chancellor Willy Brandt.Read More »

  • Cyril Schäublin – Unrueh AKA Unrest (2022)

    One of the greatest films of the year, so far.

    In a valley in the Swiss canton of Bern dominated by the local watchmaking industry, the first ever International Anarchist Congress was held in 1872. And inside a traditionally made clockwork watch, such as the factories of Bern would have been producing at the time, there is a tiny spiral wheel that balances the mechanism, called the unrueh — the unrest.Read More »

  • Marc Rothemund – Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Großstädter zur Paarungszeit AKA Love Scenes from Planet Earth (1998)

    German romantic comedy set in Munich, featuring Christoph Waltz in one of his early leading roles.Read More »

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