• Walter Krüttner – Es muß ein Stück vom Hitler sein aka It Must Be a Piece of Hitler (1963)

    Part of DVD release Die “Oberhausener” – Provokation der Wirklichkeit (Provoking Reality)
    Edition Filmmuseum 69Read More »

  • Herbert Achternbusch – Der Neger Erwin AKA The Negro Erwin (1981)

    A man is released from prison. He is planning to pick up his old craft, filmmaking. A reporter follows him to a tavern called Der Neger Erwin (The Negro Erwin).Read More »

  • Dani Levy & Maria Schrader – Meschugge (1998)

    Lena Katz, who is German, and David Fish, who is American, are Jews who live in New York. When Lena’s mother, who arrives from Germany, meets her at a hotel, she finds an almost-dead woman lying on the hotel floor. She accompanies the injured woman to the hospital and meets David, who is the woman’s son. After David’s mother dies from the injuries, a question remains: was she murdered? The trail leads to Germany. Apparently, Lena’s mother has some kind of relationship with David’s mother that reaches back into the dark German history of the 1940s.Read More »

  • Werner Klingler – Spion für Deutschland AKA Spy for Germany (1956)

    In 1944, Nazi agent Erich Gimpel is summoned by a German general staff that knows it is about to lose the war. This loyal officer is given a last chance mission: to go to the United States to spy on the progress of American research on the atomic bomb and try to hinder its completion. To assist him, he is joined by Billy Cole, an American deserter ready to collaborate. While the two men are landed by a submarine on the New York coast, Cole, an alcoholic, quickly proves to be uncontrollable.Read More »

  • Mika Kaurismäki – Highway Society (2000)

    Acclaimed Finnish director Mika Kaurismaki helms this deadpan, oddball road movie. Jack Bogart (Kai Wiesinger) is a dodgy car mechanic living in the backwaters of Germany. His motto is “Live for the moment; that’s all that counts,” and, indeed, for a moment he hooked up with an older Korean woman (Francisca Tu), until a couple of thugs he had previously swindled, Bruno (Hannes Hellmann) and doltish Popo, pay him a visit. Jack promptly hits the road along with bitchy Verena (Michaela Rosen) and her saucy spoiled daughter Elisabeth (Marie Zielcke). The latter falls for Jack, much to his consternation, and soon she is tagging along all the way to Finland.Read More »

  • Wilhelm Roth – Die Erben von Papas Kino aka The Heirs of Daddy’s Cinema (1968)

    Documentary which take as subject the Oberhausen Group and New German Cinema, and some of those who followed in their footsteps.
    It contains a glimpse of a very young Werner Herzog, here predicting the rise of home video long before the technology entered the mainstream.
    With Rob Houwer, Hans Rolf Strobel, Peter Schamoni, Norbert Kückelmann, Alexander Kluge, Marran Gosov, Werner Herzog, Edgar Reitz, Hans Toussaint, Hans Pflüger, Fred Hoffmann, Edgar Reitz – Produced by: WDS-Film for ORFRead More »

  • Dito Tsintsadze – Eine Erotische Geschichte AKA An Erotic Tale (2002)

    Ernest Hemingway wrote his Parisian stories on the table of a sidwalk café. Niko prefers to pen his Berlin tales on the counter of a funky bar behind the shark tank. What better place for a writer to pick up a girl? Along comes Sonja, who wants to know how the horny tale he’s now working on will end. So she invites Niko to finish his erotic tale over a drink at her apartment! There’s only one catch: Martin, her ex-husband, still hasn’t moved out of the place. So what, says Sonja – we’ll just change the ending of the story … to a ménage a trois. (IMDb)Read More »

  • Eugen York – Der Greifer AKA The Copper (1958)

    ‘Otto Friedrich Dennert a veteran of the Essen police force is known as “The Grabber” for his unconventional methods. While investigating a series of killins of women he reaches retirement age. The case is take over by a new team, including Dennert’s son Harry. Convinced that they have arrested the wrong person, Dennert begins investigating by himself with assistance from the criminal underworld.’
    – WikipediaRead More »

  • Herbert Achternbusch – Servus Bayern aka Bye-Bye Bavaria! (1977)

    Achternbusch, poet, poacher, and Bavarian wants to leave his native land.
    In this somewhat experimental satirical black comedy, a renowned and sensitive poet and writer is fed up with the crudenesses of his native Bavaria and, in a well-publicized move, says he refuses even to die there. Instead, followed by reporters, he retires to Greenland. There, he has a reunion with his girlfriend, and gains some idea of the current situation of his wife before he dies.
    ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie GuideRead More »

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