• Sohrab Shahid Saless – Utopia (1983)

    A treatise on love and desire tainted by harsh reality of capitalism, in which submission to the laws of lust-as-commerce is played out by five prostitutes and their pimp, who pits them against one another so that they are incapable of standing up to him collectively.Read More »

  • Herbert Vesely – Nicht mehr fliehen AKA No More Fleeing (1955)

    In a desolate, destroyed landscape – bearing now irrelevant traces of technological society – a man and a boy try to find their way under a fierce sun.Read More »

  • Andreas Goldstein – Adam und Evelyn (2018)

    ‘Adam and Evelyn’ tells the story of a couple, from the summer to the winter of 1989. It begins in the provinces of East Germany. When Evelyn catches Adam cheating on her, she leaves for Hungary on holiday. Adam travels after her. When Hungary opens its border to Austria, Evelyn wants to cross. And so Adam ends up in the West, without ever wanting to leave.

    The film is based on the novel by Ingo Schulze ‘Adam und Evelyn’ which was translated into more than 10 languages.Read More »

  • Monika Treut – My Father Is Coming [+Extras] (1991)

    A immigrant’s father is coming to visit from Germany. She has lied to him about her acting career, having looked unsuccessfully for parts for a year, and has also told him she’s married. So she enlists her gay roommate to act as her husband, which causes complications in his lifestyle. When Dad arrives, he accompanies her to an audition for a New Age Erotic film with Annie Sprinkle, and he accidentally gets a part in a commercial, and gets involved with Annie. The daughter is miffed, and ends up trying to decide what her own sexual orientation is. (IMDb)Read More »

  • Pál Fejös – Sonnenstrahl AKA Ray of Sunshine [+ Maifest Wien 1932] (1933)

    Vienna as a light, modern city and a place that encourages improvisation of the mind. The jobless Hans Schmidt and Ann Berger become true champions in the city. However, setbacks and false interpretations underlie their attempts at economic stability. Hans gets involved in a serious accident, which renders him unable to work. Anna alone can’t the bill for the taxi. The community helps her. Hans and Anna become a part of Socialist Vienna.Read More »

  • Heinrich Breloer – Brecht (2019)

    Hollywood Reporter:
    Director Heinrich Breloer mixes drama with documentary in his marathon TV biopic of radical playwright and leftist icon Bertolt Brecht.

    Interweaving glossy dramatic scenes with interview clips featuring former Brecht associates, some specially shot and others dredged from the archives, Breloer provides a wealth of material but never quite breathes life into his charismatic, contradictory subject. The blend of fictionalized and documentary elements is often deftly done, with interlaced scenes that rhyme and chime like music. Read More »

  • Nikolaus Geyrhalter – Die bauliche Maßnahme (2018)

    Brenner Pass, Alpine border, spring 2016: the Austrian government announces the construction of a border fence, expecting a shift of the refugee routes to Italy after the Balkan route is closed. The residents fear the fence just as much as the supposedly threatening influx of foreigners to their homeland.

    Two years later, the fence is still rolled up in a container, as the inrush of refugees never occurred.Read More »

  • Jürgen Böttcher – Jahrgang ’45 AKA Born in ’45 (1966)


    ‘Li and Al share a cramped little room in an old building, which goes a long way towards explaining why they are thinking of divorce. It is practically impossible for Lisa and Alfred to find another fiat in their district, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Particularly Al feels shut in, cramped and that his personal freedom is curbed. He is an enthusiastic car mechanic and motor-bike freak but cannot pursue his interests and hobbies. He wants to discover new things and tryout his own potential, developing his abilities to the full.Read More »

  • Rosa von Praunheim – Härte AKA Tough Love (2015)

    A German pimp with a penchant for violence. The prostitute with a heart of gold who loves him. The demented mother who ruined him. Lots of depressing sex scenes set in dreary working-class apartments.Read More »

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