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Dimitri Kirsanoff – Rapt (1934)

Rapt, also released under the names ‘The Kidnapping’ and ‘Magic Mountain’, is a simple drama set in the enchanting Swiss Alps. Two agrarian villages are separated by the mountains; they are idyllic but each is wary of the village on the other side. Bucolic life is disturbed when a young maiden, Dita Parlo, is stolen from her side of the mountain. Read More »

Jean Grémillon – Gardiens de phare AKA The Lighthouse Keepers (1929)

A lighthouse keeper and his son are stranded by the storm in a lighthouse. Read More »

João César Monteiro – Fragmentos de um Filme-Esmola: A Sagrada Família AKA Fragments of an Alms-Film (1972)

On his first feature, Monteiro analyzes a family: the relationships between father and daughter, husband and wife, and also the relationship between the head of the family and his wife’s parents. The pressure to build a standard family, results in an ominosity transmitted through texts by, among others, James Joyce and André Breton. Read More »

Jean Grémillon – Maldone (1928)

Recently restored (in 2001) by Centrimage for ZZ Productions, Maldone is one of the great achievements of French silent cinema. It was the first genuine masterpiece from Jean Grémillon and is also a very good example of the documentary style of film from this period. It was released in October 1928 but was not a great success, bringing and end to Charles Dullin’s film production ambitions (Dullin also stars in the film as Maldone). Read More »