Gian Maria Volontè

  • Claude Goretta – La Mort de Mario Ricci AKA The Death of Mario Ricci (1983)

    Claude Goretta1981-1990DramaMysterySwitzerland
    La Mort de Mario Ricci (1983)
    La Mort de Mario Ricci (1983)

    A country road glimpsed through a dirty windscreen… a mangled car wreck on a garage forecourt…Volonté blowing up an inflatable coat hanger and reminding his assistant that ‘it’s the details that count’. And so they clearly do in Goretta’s film, although quite what they add up to is never sharply defined. A crippled TV journalist (Volonté) arrives in a Swiss village to interview a specialist in world food shortages disillusioned by the non-application of his theories. But he soon becomes embroiled in a web of local intrigue resulting from the death of a young immigrant worker. Goretta counterpoints his two stories with deft assurance, letting them strike subdued ironies off one another; there are thematic strands galore here, clearly signposted but seemingly left deliberately smudged. Yet there is no shortage of delights either: fine atmospherics, immaculately fluid camerawork, and a towering performance from Volonté, sympathy and disdain flickering back and forth across those marvellously expressive features.Read More »

  • Giuseppe Ferrara – Il caso Moro AKA The Moro Affair (1986)

    Giuseppe Ferrara1981-1990DramaItalyPolitics

    On March 16, 1978, the Red Brigades kidnapped the head of Christian Democracy, the party in power in Italy since the end of the war. Fifty-five days later, his corpse was found in the trunk of a red Renault. Moro was not only the victim of the Brigades but also of the struggle for power between the Italian parties.Read More »

  • Francesco Maselli – Il sospetto AKA The Suspect (1975)

    1971-1980DramaFrancesco MaselliItalyPolitics

    Fascism has forced the leadership of the Italian Communist Party to settle in Paris. In Italy arrests of militants are decimating the organization, so Emilio is sent on a mission in the area of Turin, to put out of harm whistleblowers.Read More »

  • Elio Petri – A ciascuno il suo AKA We Still Kill the Old Way (1967)

    1961-1970DramaElio PetriItalyMystery

    Sicilia, late ’60s. Two men are killed during a hunting party. The hurried inquiry indicates that it was a killing made for ‘honor’ reasons. Paolo Laurana is a leftist professor not convinced of the official truth and starts investigating by himself. He finds some help from a solicitor, Mr. Rosello. While investigating, he is fascinated by Luisa, the widow of one of the victims. But the reality is too different from what Laurana could imagine. Reality includes not only the mafia and corrupt politicians, but also Church connections. The reality is that there could be only one end for Laurana. It won’t take long. []Read More »

  • Marco Bellocchio – Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina AKA Slap the Monster on Page One (1972)

    1971-1980DramaItalyMarco BellocchioPolitics

    A populist right-wing tabloid newspaper tries to derail the official police investigation of a brutal murder of a young girl in order to help the fascist and right-wing candidates it supports in the upcoming elections.

    Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina (Italian: “Slam the Monster on the Frontpage”) is a 1972 Italian drama film directed by Marco Bellocchio.Read More »

  • Mauro Bolognini – La certosa di Parma (1982)

    Mauro Bolognini1981-1990DramaItaly

    Stendhal’s epic tale of a young French officer in the Napoleonic wars, and his aunt – a duchess of legendary beauty and resourcefulness.Read More »

  • Valentino Orsini & Paolo Taviani & Vittorio Taviani – Un uomo da bruciare (1962)

    Valentino Orsini1961-1970DramaItalyPaolo TavianiPoliticsVittorio Taviani

    Salvatore (Gian Maria Volonte) lives in a rural environment on the island, and when he becomes fed up with Mafia tactics, he swings into action. First he convinces the farmers and workers that they can band together, and then he convinces them to go on strike against their exploitative employers. The results bring tragedy in their wake, but the beginnings of a unified stance against the mobsters takes hold.Read More »

  • Giuliano Montaldo – Sacco e Vanzetti AKA Sacco & Vanzetti (1971)

    1971-1980DramaGiuliano MontaldoItalyPolitics

    In 1920, the anarchist Italian immigrants Nicola Sacco (Riccardo Cucciolla) and Bartolomeo Vanzetti (Gian Maria Volonté) are sentenced to death, falsely accused of a robbery and murder. Indeed they are condemned due to their political beliefs, in one of the most shameful and hypocrite judgments of the human history.Read More »

  • Francesco Rosi – Cristo si è fermato a Eboli AKA Christ Stopped at Eboli [Full TV Cut] (1979)

    Drama1971-1980Francesco RosiItaly

    An elegy of exile and an epic immersion in the world of rural Italy during the regime of Benito Mussolini, Francesco Rosi’s sublime adaptation of the memoirs of the painter, physician, and political activist Carlo Levi brings a monument of twentieth-century autobiography to the screen with quiet grace and solemn beauty. Banished to a desolate southern town for his anti-Fascist views, Levi (Gian Maria Volontè) discovers an Italy he never knew existed, a place where ancient folkways and superstitions still hold sway, and that gradually transforms his understanding of both himself and his country. Presented for the first time on home video in its original full-length, four-part version, Christ Stopped at Eboli ruminates profoundly on the political and philosophical rifts within Italian society—between North and South, tradition and modernity, Fascism and freedom—and the essential humanity that transcends all.Read More »

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