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David Hamilton – Bilitis (1977)

A coming of age story centering on the exploits of a young girl during summer vacation.

★★★½ Watched by Once upon a Tom in Hollywood 30 Jul 2020

In the land of soft-focused 70s erotica, David Hamilton reigns supreme. This is a well-told coming-of-age sexual awakening story featuring lovely cinematography and a cohesive narrative (which is more than 95% of its cinematic peers can claim). It does wander a bit into pure titillation at times, especially during the early part of the film. But if you’re interested in exploring erotic films of this time period, this is about as cinematic an example as you’re going to find. Read More »

Marcel Carné – La Merveilleuse Visite AKA The Marvelous Visit (1974)

Jean stars as an angel who has fallen from heaven and landed in a picturesque French village.
Nursed back to health by the local priest and his helper, he returns the favor in a surprising fashion.

Un matin, le recteur d’un petit village breton découvre le corps d’un jeune inconnu gisant nu sur la grève.
Au presbytère où on l’a transporté, l’inconnu retrouve ses esprits et déclare
qu’il est un ange tombé du ciel. Précisément la nuit de la Saint-Jean. Read More »