Giorgos Tzortzis

  • Dinos Dimopoulos – O Valtos aka The Swamp (1973)

    1971-1980AdventureCrimeDinos DimopoulosGreece

    Lena, Alexis and Manolis are planning to leave with the money from the bogus construction company they had set up. But last minute, Lena reveals the truth to her childhood friend Dimitris. The men of the gang are forced to take him with them in their small private plane. They will all land in a deserted island and there, they attempt to kill him. During the clash, Lena tries to escape, but she ends up throwing the plane in the nearby swamp, which sinks with the money. The plane fall stirs up the interest of the island inhabitants: the lighthouse keeper, his wife Martha, his daughter Maro and the escaped prisoner Vangelis. Soon the truth will be revealed and they will all try to pull out the plane from the swamp hoping that the money would change their fate…Read More »

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