Giovanni Früh

  • Fredi M. Murer – Grauzone (1979)

    1971-1980DramaFredi M. MurerSwitzerland

    After his remarkable documentary about mountain farmers, We Who Dwell in the Mountains Cannot Be Blamed for Being There (1974), Zurich-born filmmaker Fredi M. Murer came down to the city to film the gray suburbs and their anguished inhabitants embedded in what he called a “fictional documentary” written in collaboration with a number of scriptwriters (including writer Adolf Muschg). Set in a black and white world with an air of the fantastic, the story revolves around a young couple confronted with a mysterious epidemic the government is trying to cover up. A portrait of an urban Switzerland utterly disconnected from its roots, Grauzone (1979) is one of the most powerful works about the Swiss society of control that prefigures the social movements that had their heyday in Zurich in 1980 (“Züri Brännt”).Read More »

  • Georg Tressler – Sukkubus – den Teufel im Leib (1989)

    1981-1990ExploitationGeorg TresslerGermanyHorror

    Sometime during the 19th century in Switzerland: After a delirious night of drinking, three herdsmen who are all alone in the alps with their kettle, create a female doll from cloth and a strangely formed wooden root. When their creation comes to life in form of an evil and beautiful female demon, they have to fear for their lives…Read More »

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