Giuseppe Mannajuolo

  • Roberto Rossellini – Socrate AKA Socrates French (1971)

    A false accusation leads the philosopher Socrates to trial and condemnation in 4th century BC Athens.

    It was filmed in Spain with French actors in the principal roles — including Socrates and his wife Xanthippe. These actors spoke French during the shooting and dubbed themselves afterward. It is therefore much more authentic than the Italian dubbing currently available, and reveals a far more intelligent Socrates.Read More »

  • Roberto Rossellini – Socrate (1971)

    ‘Socrates’ Mirrors the Platonic Touch of Rossellini
    Something more than wordplay is involved when one describes Roberto Rossellini’s “Socrates,” which opened yesterday at the New Yorker Theater, as the great Italian director’s most Socratic film, in his most Platonic style.

    Although the movie was shot entirely in Spain with lots of correctly costumed extras, who walk around what look to be the freshly painted, spruced-up remains of the sets of Anthony Mann’s unfortunate “Fall of the Roman Empire,” it concedes no more than it absolutely must to the demands of a popular cinema that seeks access to the intellect through visual grandeur and primal emotions.Read More »

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