Gô Morita

  • Sabu AKA Hiroyuki Tanaka – Hard Luck Hero (2003)

    *** might contain spoilers ***

    Story: After being convinced by his friend Ishii, Asai decides to take part in a fixed
    underground Thai-Boxing fight as a last minute replacement. The deal is simple; convince
    the crowd that he is in fact a Muay Thaï champion from Thailand, which should be
    miraculous considering the fact that he has no experience, and get knock out on the
    second round. However, an unexpected incident during the fight turns the event into total
    chaos.Read More »

  • Keisuke Yoshida – Himeanôru (2016)

    Okada works part-time at a cleaning company. Recently he has been feeling frustrated about his go-nowhere life. One day co-worker Mr. Ando asks Okada to help him in his quest to win the love of Yuka, a waitress at a nearby restaurant. Reluctantly Okada agrees and, by chance, meets high school classmate Shoichi Morita when at the restaurant.Read More »

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