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Vangelis Serdaris – Listeia stin Athina AKA Robbery in Athens (1969)

Three young people have decided to rob the safe of the estate agent Thomas Christidis, whose office is in the center of Athens. The first of them is Ntinos, who is Christidis’ clerk, the second one is Stavros, Ntinos’ younger brother who works as a book representative, while their friend Michalis is a pirate taxi-driver. The robbery is successful, and they feel excited (tainiothiki.gr) Read More »

Takis Kanellopoulos – Romantiko simeioma AKA Romantic Note (1978)

The story of four fellow students who fall in love with the same girl (Adriana / Maria Perdiki), who has shook up their lives with her unexpected appearance as well as her enigmatic presence, and who will give them up in the same dramatic way, as if she never existed. The incurably romantic Takis Kanellopoulos returns to his favorite theme of “lost youth”.

This autobiographical film by Takis Kanellopoulos won an honorary photography distinction at the 19th Thessaloniki Film Festival. Read More »

Frieda Liappa – Itan enas isyhos thanatos AKA A Quiet Death (1986)

Through a complex and gripping exploration of a woman’s troubled psyche, director Frieda Liappa has created a suspenseful drama and intriguing look into relationships and their meaning. Martha (Eleonora Stathopoulou) is unhappy with her life as it is at the moment, and among other issues, she has decided to give up her writing career. Along with that decision comes a need to get away from her husband and from her psychiatrist, with whom she has had more than just a doctor-patient relationship. As Martha travels through a deserted city landscape in a storm, the external world reflects something of her inner turmoil. Flashbacks are interspersed throughout the film to enhance the suspense of Martha’s inner and outer journey. Read More »

Gregory J. Markopoulos – Galini AKA Serenity (1958)

The film is based on the novella by the same name, written by Ilias Venezis and reflects the innermost bitterness of the Asia Minor Disaster. The doctor Dimitris Vellis and his younger wife, Eirini, who come from Asia Minor, settle in Anavyssos, as do many other refugees. Eirini, instead of cultivating foodstuffs – grain, grapevines or garden produce, as the government recommends, prefers to cultivate roses. Read More »

Dimos Theos – Kierion (1968)

The film is about the well-known “Polk case”, involving the murder of the American journalist George Polk, who had come to Greece to interview Markos Vafeiadis and was found dead under mysterious circumstances. In the film, a left-wing journalist, Aimos Vagenas, is arrested and accused of being inlvolved in the murder of the American journalist. His guilt cannot be proven, and so he is set free temporarily. As a journalist, he starts investigating the murder of which he was accused, while the police pin the crime on someone else, the Jewish university student Zadik, who then commits suicide in jail. Read More »

Maria Plyta – I lykaina aka The She-Wolf (1951)

Wanting to have nothing to do with the feud that has decimated not only his family but also his neighbours’, too, an irenic teacher faces his childhood sweetheart who yearns to kill him. Can the feared she-wolf see the error of her ways? Read More »

Nikos Grammatikos – Kleisti strofi AKA U-turn (1991)

Andreas is a car thief. The cars he steals he turns over to people with whom he has minimal relations. His only friends are a prostitute who helps him in his jobs and a fisherman with whom he once did time in jail. One day he has a chance encounter with Ismini who lures him into a dangerous game.

U-turn was screened in the “Greek Film Noir” section of the 48th Thessaloniki International Festival. Read More »