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Alexis Damianos – …mehri to ploio AKA Cornerstone AKA Until the Ship Sails (1966)

A gruff highlander leaves his village and heads to the town and harbor where he will embark for Australia. We follow his descent to the sea through three stories.
At first, he works with a blacksmith he knows, but his erotic attraction to the pure girlfriend of his friend puts him to flight.
Later on, he meets a sensual tomboy who symbolizes all the enchantment of wild nature, and her destiny is to end up in a brothel.
Finally, at the harbor of Piraeus, where he stays in the humble house of a couple who are separating, he meets a crestfallen woman, who is weary from poverty and abandonment, and together they take the ship of voluntary exile. Read More »

Tonia Marketaki – Krystallines nyhtes AKA Crystal nights (1992)

Athens, 1936. A German woman named Isavella, who is married to a Greek officer in the close circle around Dictator Metaxas and who is a member of a group of mysticists, falls in love with Alvertos. The latter is a blond Jewish adolescent who delivers ice. Their relationship is iheady, but it stumbles on problems of race, class and age. After their union, Alvertos disappears, and Isabella tries to bring him back with magic. She manages to succeed, but Alvertos is now a soulless person who no longer satisfies her. Overwhelmed by her passion for love, Isabella takes her own life and is reborn into a situation which brings her close to her beloved once again. Read More »

Stavros Tornes – Balamos (1982)

In order to buy a horse, a man wanders in the bazaars of Thessaly. His journey will take him further than he imagines, as old prophets, forgotten witches and vampire princes will find himself on his way. Read More »

Renos Haralambidis – Tessera Mavra Kostoumia aka 4 Black Suits (2010)

Tessera Mavra Kostoumia (2010)
Four undertakers in financial trouble latch onto a one-off opportunity to change their lives and bid farewell to a profession they entered for a while, but got stuck in for good.
On the promise of a large fee, they fulfill the dying wish of a rich Greek who lived his life abroad: he wants them to take his body from Athens to a village in Boeotia for burial…on foot. Deciding to grant his bizarre request, they embark on an odyssey, which soon becomes an unexpected voyage of discovery. Read More »

Tonia Marketaki – Ioannis o viaios (1973)

Plot synopsis
At midnight, on a deserted Athenian street, a beautiful woman named Eleni Chalkia is fatally stabbed by a stranger, who immediately disappears into the shadows. The murderer is Ioannis Zachos (Manos Logiadis), a young man lacking in both mental and sexual stability, who lives out his erotic fantasies through purifying violence. He often fantasizes about killing beautiful women, in this way compensating for his deficient manhood and satisfying his passion for power. When he is arrested, he immediately confesses his crimes, which is a relief to the police, who have been accused of gross ineptitude by the press. During the trial that follows, the relentless question, “who is ultimately guilty? Man or society?” is again raised. Ioannis Zachos is not sentenced to time in prison because of his disturbed personality, but instead must spend the rest of his life in an institution for the criminally insane. Read More »

Vangelis Serdaris – Listeia stin Athina AKA Robbery in Athens (1969)

Three young people have decided to rob the safe of the estate agent Thomas Christidis, whose office is in the center of Athens. The first of them is Ntinos, who is Christidis’ clerk, the second one is Stavros, Ntinos’ younger brother who works as a book representative, while their friend Michalis is a pirate taxi-driver. The robbery is successful, and they feel excited (tainiothiki.gr) Read More »

Takis Kanellopoulos – Romantiko simeioma AKA Romantic Note (1978)

The story of four fellow students who fall in love with the same girl (Adriana / Maria Perdiki), who has shook up their lives with her unexpected appearance as well as her enigmatic presence, and who will give them up in the same dramatic way, as if she never existed. The incurably romantic Takis Kanellopoulos returns to his favorite theme of “lost youth”.

This autobiographical film by Takis Kanellopoulos won an honorary photography distinction at the 19th Thessaloniki Film Festival. Read More »