Gyu-ri Kim

  • Yun-su Jeon – Mi-in-do AKA Portrait of a Beauty (2008)

    Yun-jeong is a young girl in 18th Century Korea who has an aptitude for, and a love of, painting, but as women in the Joseon dynasty are not deemed worthy to put brush to paper, she allows her brother to take the credit for her artwork. When her deception leads to her brother’s tragic death, Yun-jeong is sent away to study the art of painting in his place, disguised as a man and taking her brother’s name in the hope of becoming an artist in the Royal Court.Read More »

  • Tae-Yong Kim – Yeogo goedam 2 aka Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori (1999)

    Min-Ah discovers a shared diary and is soon fascinated to learn that two people she thought to be very close friends have in fact begun a forbidden romance at her school. She finds herself unable to tear her eyes away from the literally page-turning high drama of her classmates’ lives, and the allure of the secret diary begins to take over. When one of the diary’s writers is found dead from an apparent suicide, rumors spread and Min-Ah begins to feel a strange presence. The once-tranquil school is transformed into a place of morbid terror, as if the words written in the journal, “memento mori” (remember the dead), have come to life.Read More »

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