Hannah Herzsprung

  • Rudolf Thome – Pink (2009)

    Rudolf Thome2001-2010ComedyGermanyRomance
    Pink (2009)
    Pink (2009)

    The Reader’s Hannah Herzsprug stars in this quirky romantic comedy about a rebellious young poet on a quest to learn about real love. Pink, a feisty young poet, writes malicious and controversial love poems which she recites to her dedicated fans at live performances akin to rock concerts throughout Germany.

    Never a true believer in love, Pink decides to pick one of her three suitors to marry. Deciding systematically, Pink makes her decisions using her calculator, maintaining each relationship via text message. Despite having made what she thought to be a thorough investigation, she chooses the wrong man on two occasions. Will Pink be third time lucky?Read More »

  • Margarethe von Trotta – Vision – Aus dem Leben der Hildegard von Bingen (2009)

    2001-2010DramaEpicGermanyMargarethe von Trotta

    The life story of the multi-talented German nun Hildegard von Bingen. The film portrays an original woman – best known as a composer and religious visionary – whose grand claims often run counter to the patriarchal world around her.

    The monks and nuns at the convent become a kind of family, offering both confidants and enemies. For example Jutta, struggling with her jealousy of Hildegard’s success, and the young Richardis who worships Hildegard both as an intellectual role model and a mother figure.Read More »

  • Dominik Graf – Die geliebten Schwestern AKA Beloved Sisters (2014)

    Drama2001-2010Dominik GrafGermanyRomance

    The aristocratic sisters Charlotte and Caroline both fall in love with the controversial young writer and hothead Friedrich Schiller. Defying the conventions of their time, the sisters decide to share their love with Schiller. What begins playfully, almost as a game among the three of them, soon turns serious as it leads to the end of a pact.Read More »

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