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Hideo Nakata – Owatta hito AKA Life in Overtime (2018)

Description from Tōei’s Website :
“Retirement is like holding your own funeral while you’re still alive…”
So goes the startling first line of Makiko Uchidate’s best-selling novel, which has now become a major motion picture!
Uchidate is perhaps best known as a prolific screenwriter of numerous hit television shows, including the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) epic period drama series “Mouri Motonari” (1997) and morning drama serial “Hirari” (1992-1993). For her 2015 novel “Owatta Hito,” she expressed the sorrow of a man who comes to the end of his elite corporate career, and captured the imaginations of countless readers. Read More »

Tôru Murakawa – Bara no hyôteki AKA Target (1980)

Two killers revenge a wirepuller of the underworld in Yokohama.

Almost no information online. Read More »