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William A. Berke – Roaring City (1951)

A private detective gets hired for two jobs: the first is to bet on a fighter in a fixed boxing match, and the second is to pose as a woman’s husband. Read More »

Sam Newfield – Apology for Murder (1945)

When a reporter helps his girlfriend murder her rich husband, an innocent man gets the blame and faces execution. Read More »

William A. Berke – Pier 23 (1951)

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Pier 23 was one of three hour-long mysteries produced by Lippert Productions for both TV and theatrical release. Each of the three films was evenly divided into two half-hour “episodes,” and each starred Hugh Beaumont as San Francisco-based amateur sleuth Dennis O’Brien. In Pier 23, O’Brien first tackles the case of a wrestler who has died of a suspicious heart attack after refusing to lose a match. He then agrees to help a priest talk an escaped criminal into returning to prison. The film’s two-part structure leads to repetition and predictability, but it’s fun to watch TV’s “Ward Cleaver” making like Philip Marlowe. Read More »