Ida Lupino

  • Raoul Walsh – They Drive by Night (1940)

    1931-1940DramaFilm NoirRaoul WalshUSA

    PLOT: Joe and Paul Fabrini are Wildcat, or independent, truck drivers who have their own small one-truck business. The Fabrini boys constantly battle distributors, rivals and loan collectors, while trying to make a success of their transport company.Read More »

  • Ida Lupino – The Trouble with Angels (1966)

    1961-1970ComedyIda LupinoUSA

    Cinema has long made the hallowed halls of education one of its most oft utilized settings, whether real (Eastside High School) or fictional (Rydell High School), of this world (Greendale Community College) or existing in another realm (Hogwarts). But where most are set in public schools or universities, it is the boarding school that often makes for a more interesting subset of school-based films for the opportunity to create a more instant feel for community and togetherness, whether in countless Anime fare, dramatic tales set in the past, or more action-oriented movies like Toy Soldiers, one of this reviewer’s favorite guilty pleasures. Director Ida Lupino’s 1966 film The Trouble with Angels, set in an all-girls Catholic boarding school, is a classic family-friendly Comedy that might show its age in 2019 but that remains true to the essential characters and the realities of life in one of cinema’s more endearing and possibility-filled essential locations.Read More »

  • Sam Peckinpah – Junior Bonner (1972)

    1971-1980DramaSam PeckinpahUSAWestern

    Ace Bonner returns to Arizona several years after he abandoned his family, Junior Bonner is a wild young man. Against the typical rodeo championship, family drama erupts.Read More »

  • Ida Lupino – Screen Directors Playhouse: No. 5 Checked Out (1956)

    USA1951-1960Ida LupinoThrillerTV

    The 1950s was an incredible time for television. Many of the best actors, directors and writers had moved from the big screen to TV and shows like “Playhouse 90” and “Screen Directors Playhouse” assembled some amazing talent. Here, Ida Lupino directs Teresa Wright, Peter Lorre and William Talman in a drama about some crooks who have chosen Wright’s isolated hotel in which to hide out from the law. Wright plays a deaf woman who is terrified of these men and it is very reminiscent of many other films–including a few in which Miss Lupino appeared (such as “Deep Valley”, “On Dangerous Ground” and “Beware My Lovely”). It also is a bit like the later film “Wait Until Dark” (with Audrey Hepburn)–though in this case the terrified woman is blind, not deaf.Read More »

  • Ida Lupino – Outrage (1950)

    1941-1950CrimeDramaIda LupinoUSA

    A young woman who has just become engaged has her life completely shattered when she is raped while on her way home from work.Read More »

  • Don Siegel – Private Hell 36 (1954)

    Don Siegel1951-1960250 Quintessential Film NoirsFilm NoirThrillerUSA

    In New York, a bank robbery of $300,000 goes unsolved for a year, until some of the marked bills are found in a Los Angeles drugstore theft. Police detectives Cal Bruner (Steve Cochran) and Jack Farnham (Howard Duff) investigate and are led from the drugstore to a nightclub, where singer Lili (Ida Lupino) is another recipient of a stolen bill. With Lili’s help, the partners track down the remaining money, but both Lili and Frank are dismayed when Cal decides he wants to keep part of it.Read More »

  • Raoul Walsh – High Sierra (1941)

    1941-1950250 Quintessential Film NoirsDramaFilm NoirRaoul WalshUSA

    Roy ‘Mad Dog’ Earle is broken out of prison by an old associate who wants him to help with an upcoming robbery. When the robbery goes wrong and a man is shot and killed Earle is forced to go on the run, and with the police and an angry press hot on his tail he eventually takes refuge among the peaks of the Sierra Nevadas, where a tense siege ensues. But will the Police make him regret the attachments he formed with two women during the brief planning of the robbery.Read More »

  • Benjamin Stoloff – The Lady and the Mob (1939)

    1931-1940Benjamin StoloffComedyCrimeUSA

    Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
    How could anyone dislike a film with the title Lady and the Mob? Sweet Fay Bainter stars as eccentric dowager Hattie Leonard, who takes it upon herself to smash a dry-cleaning racket. When the crooks and the cops laugh at her efforts, the resourceful Hattie sets about to organize her own mob, consisting of such soft-hearted yeggs as Warren Hymer and Joe Sawyer. With the help of her Runyonesque stooges-not to mention her grandson Jeff (Lee Bowman) and his sweetheart Lila (Ida Lupino)-Hattie manages to strike a blow for The American Way, bringing the villains to their knees. The supporting cast includes the ineffable Henry Armetta and versatile radio actor Tommy Mack, of “I’m not excited! WHO’S excited?” fame.Read More »

  • Raoul Walsh – The Man I Love (1947)

    1941-1950DramaFilm NoirRaoul WalshUSA

    Tough torch singer Petey Brown, visiting her family, finds a nest of troubles: her sister, brother, and the neighbor’s wife are involved in various ways with shady nightclub owner Nicky Toresca. Sexy Petey has what it takes to handle Nicky, but then she meets San Thomas, formerly great jazz pianist now on the skids, and falls for him hard.Read More »

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