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Kihachi Okamoto – Jazz Daimyo (1986)

A Nutshell Review: Dixieland Daimyo, 26 October 2006
Author: DICK STEEL from Singapore

My initial reaction was, this sure is one strange movie. Set in the late 19th century and after the end of the American Civil War, three slaves decided to make their way back to Africa, but en route, found themselves on the shores of Japan after a shipwreck. From then on, it’s a weird mix of Japanese shogun intrigue and jazz music fused into a somewhat nonsensical end. Read More »

Nobuhiko Ôbayashi – Kindaichi Kosuke no boken AKA The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi (1979)

Obayashi’s take on the famous Kosuke Kindaichi series, made popular partly thanks to the numerous movie-adaptions by Kon Ichikawa, the most well known being The Inugami Family. Read More »