Inanç Konukçu

  • Necip Caghan Ozdemir – Bembeyaz AKA Pure White (2021)

    2021-2030DramaNecip Caghan OzdemirTurkey

    Vural’s life is the epitome of mundanity. He performs his duties as a father to a young boy, a husband, and a caring son to his sick father, with whom he runs a photography shop across the American Consulate in Istanbul. Yet, Vural has a secret, a minor transgression of his faith: an affair with Sonay, a young woman who visits his shop for passport pictures she needs in order to apply for a visa to the US. In her emotional distress, she confronts Vural, putting a threat on his uncomplicated living. Vural is faced with a hard choice between to deal with the consequences of this relationship or go down the dark path of dealing with his complete loss of morality.Read More »

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