• Kamila Andini – Laut Bercermin AKA The Mirror Never Lies (2011) (HD)

    Kamila Andini2011-2020DramaIndonesia
    Laut Bercermin (2011)
    Laut Bercermin (2011)

    A girl from the Bajo tribe in Wakatobi district goes to a fortune teller in her area. The fortune teller performed a ritual using a mirror, where the local people believed that with a mirror they could see what they were waiting for.Read More »

  • Yasuhiro Omori – Balinese Requiem (1992)

    1991-2000DocumentaryYasuhiro Omori
    Balinese Requiem (1992)
    Balinese Requiem (1992)

    In a Balinese village, families go to great trouble and expense for their extravagant cremation ceremony. They provide special foods to mourners and prepare a bounty of offerings for the deceased, from gifts of money to symbolic baskets. The atmosphere is almost festive as a shadow puppet show is performed for the entertainment of the deceased, inheritances are distributed, and musical processions of mourners walk the streets. Dead family members seem almost present as their bones are uncovered, washed, and arranged for cremation with accompanying prayer rites. During the cremation, the village is filled with smoke from enormous burning pyres shaped like bulls, as the souls of the dead are cleansed of impurity and then sent out to sea so that they may continue their journey to heaven. Shot in 16mm, the film documents and explains the intricacies of these funeral rites and Balinese-Hindu beliefs about death.Read More »

  • Sim F. – Susi Susanti: Love All (2019)

    2011-2020DramaIndonesiaSim F.

    Susi Susanti rises through the rank to become Indonesia’s most beloved athlete. In time of economic turmoil, Susi seizes the opportunity to show her country and the world that heroism is measured by the depth of one’s sacrifice.Read More »

  • Kamila Andini – Nana AKA Before, Now & Then (2022) (HD)

    2021-2030DramaIndonesiaKamila Andini

    Nana, a gentle, beautiful young woman, escapes a violent anti-communist purge. Afterwards she lives comfortably as the second wife of a rich Sundanese man but her past re-emerges in her dreams.Read More »

  • Nayato Fio Nuala – After School Horror (2014)

    2011-2020HorrorIndonesiaNayato Fio Nuala

    Rino, 3rd grade high school student, tells scary stories about the locked old toilet door in the school to his juniors who are in the probation for candidates of OSIS (school organization) leaders.Read More »

  • Maxime Bouttier – Hantu Kuburan Tua (2015)

    2011-2020HorrorIndonesiaMaxime Bouttier

    “The Ghost of the Old Grave” tells of Laura who, since childhood, lives with her mama, the grumpy Riska. When he was angry, Riska often forgot himself to be rude to Laura. Stress with the circumstances of the house like that, Laura went for the task of covering historic sites with two friends, Rizal, and Maya, as well as her lover, Edwin.Read More »

  • Chiska Doppert – Kamar 207 (2014)

    2011-2020Chiska DoppertHorrorIndonesia

    Shasi, who inherited the Mary’s Inn Hotel from his father, faced a big problem: A ghost named Mary interrupted the old hotel. During his life, Mary committed suicide because of a broken heart because the bridegroom did not come to their wedding. For the sake of the sustainability of his hotel business, Shasi hired a group of ghost hunters to drive away Mary forever. During the process of exorcism, Mary fought and entered Shasi’s body, and made everything chaotic.Read More »

  • Rizal Mantovani – Kuntilanak 2 (2019)

    2011-2020HorrorIndonesiaRizal Mantovani

    Dinda who escapes the Kuntilanak (female vampire ghost) terror, without the agreement of Aunt Donna, intends to meet someone who is believed to be her biological mother, Karmila. Together with his younger siblings and accompanied by Julia and Edwin, they are trapped in a house in the middle of the forest. Many irregularities occur. Dinda again has to deal with Kuntilanak, but it was different from what she had defeated using spikes or spells.Read More »

  • Yudhistira Bayuadji & Maxime Bouttier – Kain Kafan Hitam (2019)

    Maxime Bouttier2011-2020HorrorIndonesiaYudhistira Bayuadji

    Evelyn, a student, has two younger siblings: Arya and Maya who are still in elementary and middle school. Evelyn has a boyfriend, Bimo, who has a hobby of horror. In fact, he has a strange community on campus, a demon search community. Bimo is accompanied by Angeline and Roy in the community. Evelyn says that after her parents died in an accident, she has to move from her house because the house had been mortgaged to the bank for a long time. They find a house that was in line with Evelyn’s financial abilities. Mysteries happen in that house.Read More »

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