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Mircea Daneliuc – Iacob (1988)

Iacob, a Transylvanian miner, is wrongly suspected of having stolen some gold. As punishment, he is transferred to another mine, farther away from his home. The effort is gruelling, the way home never-ending. Read More »

Catalin Mitulescu – Loverboy (2011)


It’s summer on the Danube river. The music is loud, the cars are fancy, the girls are tanned. Beautiful and exuberant Veli runs away from home. Handsome Luca falls in love with her. This is no fairytale romance. Luca, a 20-year-old boy from a Romanian village, makes girls fall in love with him in order to lure them into prostitution networks in a town nearby. In the language of the police he is a loverboy. Read More »