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Klaus Lemke – Brandstifter (1969)

A drama set in Cologne’s revolutionary circles of the late 1960s.
Die in der außerparlamentarischen Opposition aktive Studentin Anka hat vonfolgenlosen Diskussionen die Nase voll.

Da sie nicht mehr daran glaubt, mit Worten allein die Welt verändern zu können, plant sie eine militante Aktion: Aus Protest gegen den Vietnam-Krieg deponiert sie eine Bombe in einem Kölner Kaufhaus, um die Öffentlichkeit zur Auseinandersetzung zu zwingen. Read More »

Martin Walz – Kondom des Grauens AKA Killer Condom (1996)

A witty and inventive gross-out comedy suggesting a synthesis of John Waters and Terry Gilliam, Martin Walz’s German film adapts Ralf Konig’s graphic comic about killer contraceptives unleashed in a diabolical plot to wipe out New York’s gay population. (Actually the condoms, which eviscerate or castrate their victims, make no distinctions when it comes to sexual orientation.) Luigi Mackeroni (Udo Samel), a gay Sicilian police detective, sets out to track down the source; in the movie’s longest running gag he’s one of the first victims, losing one of his testicles during a hotel tryst. Walz introduces some nice noir shadings (Luigi delivers the ironic voice-overs) and his camera placement is generally smart and revealing–especially in the thoroughly weird shots from the point of view of the condoms. Unfortunately, though, he can’t sustain the wonderful energy throughout the film. Killer Condom certainly isn’t for all tastes–at times it wasn’t for mine–but it’s impossible to walk away indifferent. Read More »

Rudolf Thome – Supergirl – Das Mädchen von den Sternen (1971)

Synopsis: Playboy Charly is picking up a young woman on the freeway – she is only wearing an orange overall and wants to go to Washington. Charly takes her with him to Munich, introducing her to his friend author Evers. Since Evers is negotiating with a US film producer about the rights to his novel, the mysterious woman stays with Evers. Soon, they get closer… Read More »