• Luciano Tovoli – Il generale dell’armata morta AKA The General of the Dead Army (1983)

    Twenty years after WWII an Italian general (Marcello Mastroianni) and a military chaplain (Michel Piccoli) embark on a mission through the heart of Albania searching for the remains of Italian soldiers who once fought on the side of the Fascists. Based on Albanian author Ismail Kadare’s famous 1963 novel of the same name. Also starring Anouk Aimée.Read More »

  • Renzo Maietto – Le altre (1969)

    LE ALTRE is a movie from 1969 that finds two wonderful actresses, Erna Schurer and Monica Strebel, performing in a dramatic movie with a lesbian theme.Read More »

  • Gillo Pontecorvo – Giovanna (1955)

    This short is set in the early 1950s in a small textile factory in central Italy (Prato). Giovanna and her fellow female workers decide to enact a protest against the direction of the factory’s dismissal plan, by occupying the factory and continuing to work until the proprietor cancels the dismissals. None of these women can really afford to lose their jobs, as it is the only income in the family. All workers receive moral and material support from their families, apart from Giovanna, who bravely endures her husband’s disapproval. Almost all the women hold out for thirty-five days in spite of the proprietor’s attempts to break their resistance. At first he blocks the road to the factory, then he cuts off electric power to increase their isolation; finally, he tries to convince them to accept the dismissal of at least a smaller number of them. But the women overcome these obstacles, determined to resist… (IMDB)Read More »

  • Alfonso Brescia – Ragazza tutta nuda assassinata nel parco AKA Naked Girl Murdered in the Park (1972)

    When a millionaire is found dead in a rickety amusement park ride, his less-than-savory family stands to inherit his fortune. Naturally, the insurance company investigates, setting forth a serpentine series of double-dealings, secrets revealed…and gruesome murder! Once the titular deceased (and indeed, naked) dame shows up, all bets are off as twists follow turns, throats are cut and bodies brutalized, climaxing in a carnage filled carnival finale ( More »

  • Silvio Narizzano – Senza ragione AKA Redneck [Italian version] (1973)

    Franco Nero and Telly Savalas star in the story of a trio of jewel thieves on the lam after a heist goes very wrong. Wrecking their car they take another unaware that there is a teenager hiding in the back. As the flight becomes more frantic, the young man is discovered, upsetting the balance of the thieves.Read More »

  • Bruno Bozzetto – Le vacanze del signor Rossi AKA Mr Rossi’s Vacation (1976)

    Mr. Rossi is a cartoon character of the Italian cartoonist Bruno Bozzetto.Read More »

  • Daniel Schmid – Il Bacio di Tosca AKA Tosca’s Kiss (1984)

    Memoirs of the Italian Opera by the singers and musicians of the Casa Verdi, Milan, the world’s first nursing home for retired opera singers, founded by composer Giuseppe Verdi in 1896. This documentary, which has achieved cult-like status among opera and music lovers, features former singers who reminisce about their careers and their past operatic roles.
    Read More »

  • Bruno Bozzetto – Il signor Rossi cerca la felicità AKA Mr. Rossi Looks For Happiness (1976)

    Mr. Rossi is a cartoon character of the Italian cartoonist Bruno Bozzetto.Read More »

  • Pupi Avati – Aiutami a sognare AKA Help Me Dream (1981)

    A raro video with a great interpretation of Mariangela Melato

    In the summer of 1943, during the war, Francesca, widow mother of three little girls, leaves Bologna to go to in a country house, where he finds an old love Guido and other friends, all displaced people like her.
    The young woman has a great passion for America and his music (she told to the daughters that their father lives in the States).
    One day an American man named Ray, pilot of reconnaissance aircraft, is forced by breakdown to land near the farmhouse.Read More »

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