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Paolo and Vittorio Taviani – Resurrezione aka Résurrection [Italian audio] (2001)

At the end of the XIX century in Russia, Prince Dimitri Necklivdov is called as a jury-man in a trial. The defendant is Katiuscia Maslova, accused of murdering a merchant in order to rob him. Dimitri recognizes Katiuscia: she was the girl he seduced many years before. Dimitri decides to save her.(imdb) Read More »

Massimo D’Anolfi & Martina Parenti – Il castello (2011)

Il castello (The castle) is a movie about Malpensa airport, a place where bureaucracy, procedures and control put a serious strain on the freedom of individuals, animals and goods passing through. The airport is a strategic place where all law enforcement agencies of a country come together. Here’s where new control measures are tested: a permanent security testing area unlike any other public place. Italian and foreign secret services, customs police, Guardia di Finanza (financial police), Carabinieri (police), security guards, sniffer dogs, currency dogs and explosive detector dogs, closed circuit tv cameras everywhere and the ever-growing fear of an impending unknown danger. By watching the law enforcement agencies in operation we put together a portrait of a customs border in four movements. Read More »

Alina Marazzi – Un’ ora sola ti vorrei AKA For One More Hour with You (2002)

Italian documentary filmmaker Alina Marazzi tries to piece together the life of her mother who passed away in 1972 when she was 7 years old. Through a patchwork of home movies, recordings and diary entries, Alina crafts a moving tribute to the universal power of love. Read More »

Cesare Canevari – L’ultima orgia del III Reich AKA The Gestapo’s Last Orgy (1977)

A Jewish WWII survivor revisits the ruins of a hellish concentration camp, and the memories are still vivid. How did she escape the humiliation, the tortures, and the destruction of human flesh? How did she flee from Gestapo’s last orgy? Read More »

Alberto Lattuada – La spiaggia aka The Boarder (1954)

Summer 1953. Determined to go to Liguria with her little daughter Caterina for a short vacation, Anna Maria Mentorsi (who is in fact a prostitute), on the train that leads to the Riviera, is convinced by a nice gentleman (who later turns out to be the mayor of Pontorno) to not get off at Terrazzi, as she was going to do at first, but to stay indeed in the town of Pontorno.
Believed to be a respectable widow, she’s at first accepted by the good society, by the other guests of the Hotel Palace and its beach-goers, but when turns out her job, the void is created around her.
The mayor Silvio tries to help, but has not enough power to counter the hypocrisy and respectability.
The only solution for Anna Maria seems to be linked to the local billionaire Chiastrino, envied and flattered by all. Read More »

Silvestro Montanaro – Thomas Sankara: e quel giorno uccisero la felicità (2013)

In this documentary by a veteran Italian journalist Silvestro Montanaro some of the conspirators behind Sankara’s death are interviewed. The rise and fall of The Burkinabé Revolution is placed in the international context.

Highly recommendable viewing, especially in light of the latest events.

“A true journalist enters the palace of power only if he has to and always head up. He knows he represents the people’s desire for knowledge. He never obeys any orders nor does he accept the given truth. The only master a true journalist has is the genuine and critical story that he has to tell and the only editor he listens to is his audience.”

Silvestro Montanaro (1954 – 2020) Read More »

Giorgio Simonelli – Non mi muovo! aka I Do Not Move (1943)

Plot & Review:
A former auctioneer, Carlo Mezzetti (Eduardo De Filippo), homeless with his daughter Annuccia (Vanna Vanni), clings to favorable situations and legal technicalities in order to find temporary housing and to illegally occupy vacant houses.
The two are accompanied by the spouses Squeglia, Pasqualino (Peppino De Filippo), self-styled pharmacist, and his wife Olimpia (Titina De Filippo).
Through a fraudulent trick, he manages to convince the owner of one of the vacant houses illegally occupied by him, to sign a contract, all for the benefit of Carlo and his companions in misfortune.
The cheated owner, however, falls in love with Annuccia. Carlo accepts, thus, to give the hand of his daughter to the landlord, preventing further legal action by the latter. Read More »