Ivan Ryzhov

  • Aleksandr Mitta – Skaz pro to, kak tsar Pyotr arapa zhenil AKA The Tale of How Tsar Peter Married Off A Moor (1976)

    A delightful mixture of history, humor, and drama!
    9 October 2001 | by Eric Norton

    Peter the Great takes a Russian man of African heritage – Ibrahim Petrovich Hannibal – under his wing as the tsar builds his grand navy. After having a disastrous affair in France, Ibrahim vows to never fall in love again, until he sees the daughter of a wealthy boyar. Peter the Great insists the two be married, but Ibrahim goes against the tsar’s wishes, refusing to force her to marry him since she doesn’t consent. When another man tries to marry her, however, Ibrahim’s loyalties and generous nature are put to the test.Read More »

  • Vasili Shukshin – Kalina krasnaya AKA The Red Snowball Tree (1973)



    Drama of a man who tried to live a new life. Yegor Prokudin (Vasili Shukshin) is a child of a street who grew up in a criminal gang. While he was free, he did not lose his innocent, joyful heart, but many years in prison have taken away his joy in living. The film opens on the occasion of his release from prison. Soon, he discovers love with a village peasant girl, Lyuba (Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina), who was lettering him in jail and restores his will to live and fills him with an enthusiasm for rural life. There are dark shadows on his way for better being – his past and his old mother he never visited from childhood times. (Actually, the scene where Lyuba talks to his mother was shooted with non-acting old village women) Their idyll is short-lived, as his former associates will not leave him alone.
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